Seiko Plastics Co., Ltd. won the bid for Total Lubricating Oil Packaging Project

On March 4, 2015, Nanjing Jinggong Plastic Co., Ltd. came to hear a good news: Seiko Plastics came to the fore in the bidding for the Total Lubricating Oil (China) blow-molded bottle tendering project in January and became Total's packaging supplier.

It is reported that this tender project covers a variety of packaging specifications, in addition to the conventional 1L and 4L, there are 5.6L and 6L these two more rare specifications. At the tender meeting, there were numerous companies participating in bidding and the schemes were varied, but they failed to obtain approval from Total. The team of Seiko Plastic provides a unique solution based on a thorough understanding of Total's product needs and brand connotation. It is superior to other companies in terms of packaging materials, exterior design, etc. And strict review, and ultimately successfully obtained Total orders.

Seiko Plastics currently has 20 automated production lines, international leading production equipment and testing equipment, and has achieved industry-leading technology in packaging leak testing, film labeling, etc., and has an annual production capacity of more than 10 million. A factory product has been tested for leak testing.

In addition, Seiko Plastic's R & D technology is strong, can be customized for customers a variety of beautiful bottle, to meet the diverse needs of different customers personalized, the successful 5.6L and 6L packaging project is the best proof. Currently, Seiko Plastics has a number of high-quality customers including many Fortune 500 companies.

The person in charge of Seiko Plastics stated that the winning bid for the new year of the sheep will become a new starting point for Seiko Plastics. The company will continue to uphold the service attitude of excellence and the advanced technology of the wonderful workmanship, and provide our customers with first-class quality packaging. The product sales are plugged in with soaring wings.

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic cleaner:

1 5CX-5 Magnetic Separator high-performance clod magnetic graders is to separate clod from grain.

2 It is based mainly on grain mixed with mud and clod, with the appropriate speed through a closed strong magnetic field, when the material spilled out, due to the different strength of attraction of the magnetic field, and shed the near and far, to separate clod from grain.

3 Advantages:

1, 304 stainless steel sheet metal machine, magnetic closure strict, less magnetic flux leakage.

2, the magnetic field strength of magnetic roller is greater than 14,000 gauss. The magnetic field strength, large magnetic, good magnetic effect

3, the wide magnetic surface design, width of magnetic election surface is 1300m, to ensure that the processing capacity and improve the magnetic effect.

4, the original design of bulk grain equipment, bulk grain uniform, no maintenance, greatly reducing the losses caused by the vibration feeder damage.

5, equipped with the most advanced frequency conversion regulator, according to the type of material and the different iron content in clods, easily transferred to the best of the running speed.

6, the drive roller, magnetic roller, tension rollers after all the fine cars fine grinding to ensure the belt smooth running, no deviation.

7,We are the 5XCX Magnetic Separator ,Magnetic Destoner Chinese supplier.



Productivity(as wheat)

5000 KG/H

Dimension( L×W×H )

1800×1800×2100 mm


380V 50Hz


1.05 kW


≥15000 Gs


≥ 99%


800 KG

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Destoner

Magnetic Separator

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