All products meet the standard EPA2017, Cummins is always one step ahead

At the beginning of 2016, Cummins took the lead in announcing that its wholly-owned diesel and natural gas engines for road use were officially certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This means that Cummins engines not only meet the existing EPA emission standards, but also meet the standards for greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption control that will be implemented in 2017 in advance. Five to 15 litre engine products for Cummins Highway will have significant improvements in fuel efficiency.

All products meet the standard EPA2017, Cummins is always one step ahead
All products meet the standard EPA2017, Cummins is always one step ahead

Amy Boerger, Cummins sales and support vice president, said: "Cummins has always promised to provide timely and customer-oriented technological innovation. For example, the 2016 ISX15 (400-475 hp) will be significantly more fuel than the same model in 2013. With the savings, the engine fuel economy with the SmartAdvantage powertrain and its ADEPT (SmartCoastTM) fuel economy technology can be increased from 2.5% to 7.5%.

For the full year 2014 and 2015, Cummins reinterprets and reinforces the meaning of “high efficiency” to meet the EPA 2016 and GHG (GHG) 2017 standards. In order to ensure that the gas discharged from the exhaust pipe meets EPA standards, in addition to enhancing the on-board diagnostic system monitoring capabilities, particle sensors are used, and the electronic control system and the diesel engine installed on the urea tank have been enhanced. interaction between. Cummins is committed to the continuous improvement of its products. In 2016, Cummins will focus on further improving product performance and strengthening the reliability and efficiency of new product platforms.

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90 degree  Children Excavator 360 degree children excavator Large arm on the right   360 degree children excavator/ Large arm In the middle
Item  UN-6 Kids Excavator  UN-7/UN-8 Kids Excavator UN-9/UN-10 Kids Excavator
Suitable age  Up 3 years old  Up 3 years old  Up 3 years old
Length x width x height 220x76x100cm 235x90x115cm   235x90x115cm
Material Model steel, steel plate  Model steel, steel plate  Model steel, steel plate
Voltage 220V,110V  220V ,110V  220V ,110V
Frequency 60HZ,50HZ  60HZ,50HZ  60HZ,50HZ
Covers area 10m2 25m2 25m2
Power  0.75KW  1.58KW  1.58KW
weight  120KGS  270KGS  270KGS
Radius of rotation  2M  2.5M  2.5M
Accessory Retainer, ocean ball, remote control, coins   remote control, coins sand
 remote control, coins sand

 kids excavator UN-7grab kids rid on excavator UN-8

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