Three-slot hot and cold shock test chamber which parts need frequent cleaning

The three-slot hot and cold shock test box is composed of a very large number of parts, so each part is different, and naturally its cleaning is not the same. When the three-chamber hot and cold shock test box is used for a long time, the inside and outside of the device will have accumulated dirt, and these dirts need to be cleaned regularly. In addition to the external need to remove the dust and keep it clean, the device's Regular cleaning of internal components is even more important. Therefore, the internal components of the device must be cleaned in a timely manner and accurately cleaned. The main components of the equipment are humidifiers, evaporators, circulating vanes, condensers, etc. The following are the main methods for cleaning the above components.

1. Humidifier: If the internal water is not cleaned regularly, it will produce scale. The presence of these scales will cause the humidifier to dry during operation, which will damage the humidifier. Therefore, timely replacement of clean water and regular cleaning of the humidifier.

2. Evaporator: The three-slot cold and heat shock test box under the action of strong wind, the cleanliness of the sample is not the same. Then there will be dust, which will collect on the evaporator. Every three months should be cleaned once.

3. Recirculating fan: He is the same as the evaporator. Over time, many small dusts will condense, and the evaporator will be cleaned in the same way.

4. Condenser: Its interior needs decontamination and dust removal to guarantee good ventilation heat transfer performance and continuous heat transfer performance.

Cleaning and maintenance are very important, and they cannot be delayed. The longer it drags, the worse it will be for the equipment. Therefore, the cleaning of the components of the three-slot hot and cold shock chamber is not sloppy.

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