Failure Analysis of Shaft Fracture of Submersible Electric Pump

Failure Analysis of Shaft Fracture of Submersible Electric Pump
Core Tip: The bending fatigue limit of a smooth specimen is t-0.), which indicates the torsional fatigue limit of a smooth specimen under symmetry; the absolute dimension influence coefficient when it is bent and twisted; k, k is the bending and twisting The effective stress concentration factor; P represents the surface quality factor. 0.15mm sample

The bending fatigue limit of smooth specimens (t-0.) indicates the torsional fatigue limit of smooth specimens under symmetry cycles; the absolute dimension influence coefficient when bending and twisting; and k, k represent the effective stress at bending and torsion. Concentration factor; P represents the surface quality factor.

When the surface of the 0.15mm specimen is rough with a tool mark, the substitution of known values ​​into stress concentration can lead to fatigue cracks and reduce the fatigue limit of the component. Therefore, the calculation method for the fatigue limit of lower bamboo specimens for the key part of the pump shaft Peng Huifen Liu Jubao (School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Daqing Petroleum Institute) is: ElectronicPublish knot size should be strictly controlled. http://storage tank ultrasonic automatic crawling Corrosion detection technology Xu Wenjie (the third oil production plant in Daqing Oilfield) With the extension of the development time of oil fields, the corrosion of various metal storage tanks has become increasingly serious. In order to be able to understand and master the degree of corrosion of these metal tanks in a timely manner, as a basis for anti-corrosion or maintenance of tanks, these tanks need to be tested on a regular basis. However, hand-held ultrasonic thickness gages can only perform sampling tests, and require manual point-by-point detection when measuring. A couplant is first applied to the site to be measured, scaffolding must be put up for operation, and the service life is longer. The storage tanks are very dangerous to detect and cannot even be detected. In order to solve the problem of detection of metal storage tanks, the application research of ultrasonic automatic crawler wall thick corrosion detection technology for storage tanks was carried out.

Ultrasonic automatic crawling wall thick corrosion detection system consists of six parts, namely: crawler, data processor, control box, remote control, charging power supply, connection cable.

After the detection system is connected, the crawler is first placed on the wall of the tank to be tested, the power supply and data processor are turned on, the data processor is set up, and then the remote controller is operated to crawl the crawler along the tank wall.

Ultrasonic probes and sensors are installed in front of the crawler and can be transmitted to the data processor through cables at a certain time interval. After the software is processed by the computer, measurement data and graphs are obtained. When the ultrasound probe installed in front of the ultrasonic automatic crawler starts automatic measurement, the first echo actually shows the interface echo, ie, the interface echo between the rubber wheel and the tank shell is delayed because of the rubber wheel. The second echo is the first backwall echo, the third echo is the second backwall echo, and so on. Ultrasonic automatic crawling wall thickness detection system measures the distance between any two echoes, which is the thickness of the measured tank wall.

First, the full screen width of the automatic gate covers the interface wave, the first bottom echo, and the second bottom echo. During the measurement process, the program automatically searches for the position of the highest peak in the gate, and then automatically searches for the highest peak position after a certain distance (usually after this peak position, that is, the second highest peak on the screen. The distance between the two peaks is the thickness of the steel plate.

The automatic tracking gate measurement mode can prevent the gate from catching the corresponding peak when the thickness of the steel plate changes or the sensor slightly vibrates. There is no need to manually move the gate to trap the respective peaks, which can make the operation of the entire system more automatic.

From September to September, more than 20 sewage sedimentation tanks and water storage tanks with different service lives were tested. Compared with the ultrasonic ultrasonic thickness measurement system and ultrasonic automatic creepage wall corrosion detection system, the test points were basically consistent. , indicating that the automatic tracking gate mode is successful and can adapt to the sudden change of tank wall thickness

The ultrasonic corrosion detection system automatically tracks the gate pattern and can adapt to changes in the thickness of an oil field tank. Accuracy of detection reaches 98% The crawler can crawl freely under manual operation, enabling automatic detection, saving inspection time, eliminating the need for scaffolding and reducing inspection costs.

Rice uses dry coupling technology, eliminating the need to manually apply coupling agents and save money.

The tank ultrasonic ultrasonic creeping wall thickness corrosion detection system can continuously measure, and it becomes a surface inspection from point detection, which improves the detection accuracy. For long-term storage tanks, it has high safety and reliability.

(The column presides over Fan Xiahua) The maximum stress of the components occurs in the surface layer. Fatigue cracking environmental factors also affect the fatigue limit of the pump shaft. Therefore, many work-in-progress surfaces are also generated. The knife marks and scratches on the surface will cause strict environmental control.

Stress concentration reduces the fatigue limit of the pump shaft. Therefore, it is necessary to perform surface treatment on the parts where the spline of the pump shaft (the column host Fan Huanhua) is easy to break.

Sand content, gas content, temperature, medium, corrosion, etc.

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