National Boiler Pressure Vessels Standard Committee Boiler Heat Transfer Media Subcommittee Established

On the 13th Standing Committee of the China Boiler Water Treatment Association held on November 13th, the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standardization Technical Committee Boiler Heat Transfer Medium Technical Committee was established. Guo Yuanliang, chairman of the China Boiler Water Treatment Association, was elected as the chairman of the first National Boiler Standards Committee Boiler Heat Transfer Medium Sub-Technical Committee.

In recent years, the domestic heat transfer medium technology has developed rapidly. At the same time, it is constantly introducing, digesting, and absorbing foreign advanced technologies. The design, production, manufacture, installation, use, and inspection of heat transfer media and their equipment are relevant to relevant standards. The demand is very urgent.
According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 178 heat transfer media related standards in China. These technical standards play an irreplaceable role in improving the level of productivity and the use of unit management, promoting technological progress, improving product quality, increasing economic efficiency and production efficiency, regulating market behavior, protecting the environment, and ensuring safety. However, the formulation and revision of standards lags behind the rapid development of new products, new technologies and new processes. The convergence between the various standards remains to be further improved, and the standard system is not perfect compared with developed countries.

Guo Yuanliang told reporters that the newly-established “Hot Media Sub-committee” is composed of experts selected from the research and development of domestic boiler heat transfer mediums, institutions of higher learning, design, manufacturing, safety supervision, management, inspection, and use. The leadership of the National Standardization Committee for Pot Capacities is mainly responsible for the standardization of the work of its own profession. It is specifically responsible for national standards and industries such as product standards, testing methods and technical specifications for boiler water treatment, organic heat carrier, metal molten salt and other heat transfer media. The revision, review, promotion, interpretation, data editing and consulting services of group standards (including guiding technical documents) and the translation of relevant international standards.

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