Consolidate strengths, promote development, and seize opportunities to win the future Shaanxi Zhongqi's 2009 strategy

Shaanxi Zhongqi 2009 Business Conference was held in Xi'an Euro-Asia Forum. The theme of this event was "To unite forces and promote development to seize the opportunity to win the future." Distributors, service providers, refitting companies, and accessories dealers from Shaanxi Province across the country A total of more than 1,300 people from all walks of life, including business, financial institutions, military representatives, news media, and foreign agents, gathered in Xi'an to discuss plans for 2009. Yuan Hongming, general manager of Shaanxi Auto Group, presided over the meeting and made a report on Shaanxi Auto's marketing work in 2009 with the theme of “Change Marketing, Winning 2009”.

Fang Hongwei, chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Group, delivered an important speech and pointed out that in 2009, in the face of complex domestic and international market conditions, Shaanxi Automobile Group will promote “service-oriented manufacturing” business model, integrate resources externally, establish service platforms, and innovate in services. Value, to achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and users. Shaanxi Auto's service-oriented manufacturing business model not only can effectively solve customer's individualized demands, but also clearly assumes the company's social responsibilities. It also sets up a larger service platform for product development, sales, use, and supply chain to solve the problem for users. Practical problems create more room for development for partners.

The biggest highlight of the Shaanxi Automobile Business Club is the launch of a comprehensive upgrade of 09 fuel-saving expert products, of which 09 second-generation national triple card created a new era of China's heavy truck "smart fuel economy." The high-end products of Shaanxi Steam Cummins "double crown" heavy truck to "full-time champion + save the championship" for users to crack the high efficiency of logistics transport problems. The high-end product DeLong F3000 also received widespread praise from delegates for its leading high-end heavy truck technology. According to Wang Xiaofeng, chief engineer of Shaanxi Auto and president of Auto Research Institute, in the product report of 2009, Shaanxi Automobile's second-generation national triple card is characterized by "smart three-edged swordsman" and "seven-piece intelligent management." The excellent cooperation has achieved a number of breakthroughs in smart fuel-efficient technologies. It is about 15% less efficient than mechanical power-duty trucks, bringing a new boon to users with ultra-low fuel consumption. Among them, "smart fuel-saving three Musketeers" refers to the multi-power fuel-saving switch, fuel-efficient 1 +1 (oil-saving thermostat fan and fuel-cutting cylinder technology), dewatering assured filter, plus the international leading common rail system in stages of management, fuel consumption Management, speed management, location management, vehicle security, anomaly reminder, remote diagnostics seven functions, innovative fleet management model to ensure maximum operating income.

During the meeting, Shaanxi Automobile specially invited experts to analyze the market in 2009 and help partners such as dealers, refitting plants and service stations to scientifically cope with the financial crisis and achieve common development. Li Weili, Director of the Information Resource Development Department of the National Information Center, analyzed the macroeconomic situation in 2009, various types of business opportunities bred in the heavy truck market, and how to deal with them; Dr. Li Gang of the School of Management of Xi'an Jiaotong University introduced how to realize service manufacturing in the company's sales service chain. "To jointly create an efficient service platform.

In addition, Shaanxi Automobile and Pacific Insurance Company and Beijing Gantai Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the sale of vehicle insurance business tripartite cooperation agreement, providing users with value-added convenience such as fixed-point damage control, limited-time maintenance, maintenance-free maintenance fees, and free agency claims procedures. Efficient integration services. Subsequently, Shaanxi Automobile and China National Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for sales financing services to further expand and enrich the connotation of financial services, build a richer financial platform, and provide financial services to the general public to provide convenient and convenient financial support. We will implement the government’s positive response to the policy of “expanding domestic demand and ensuring growth”. A group of cooperatives that have made outstanding contributions to Shaanxi Auto have also been honored by the conference. Chen Qiyuan, Party Secretary of Shaanxi Automobile Group, read out the winners. Fang Hongwei, Chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Group, Yuan Hongming, General Manager, and Chen Juyuan, Party Secretary are the award-winning dealers and modified car manufacturers. , service providers, accessories dealers awarded medals and awards.

[next] In 2008, China's heavy truck market experienced a complex situation of heavy fire, especially in the second half of the year. Due to the impact of the international financial crisis and the implementation of the National III Standard, monthly sales of heavy truck companies in China fell to the lowest level in three years. Valley, market demand is sluggish. Facing the declining trend of the entire industry, Shaanxi Steam actively responded to, took decisive measures to strengthen the fight against the market, and achieved a good situation of rising market share. According to statistics, Shaanxi Automobile produced and sold 76,000 vehicles in 2008, of which 66,000 were heavy trucks, an increase of more than 10% year-on-year, and the market share rose to 12.22%.

On September 1, 2008, Shaanxi Automobile's second-generation national triple card was newly launched, causing a strong sensation in the industry. Its highly advantageous multi-state fuel-saving switch solved the problem of fuel consumption in various operating environments with no load, light load, and full load. And the intelligent control program upgraded to the 7th edition will accurately control the fuel injection system to milligrams and continue to write a new fuel-saving legend. This is the spokesman for China's fuel-saving heavy truck. Since it set off a fuel-saving storm in 2006 and 2007, Shaanxi Steam has once again created a fuel-saving myth that has been surprising in the industry. In addition, the Shaanxi Auto Country Triple Card, which is represented by an electronically controlled high pressure common rail, has been widely welcomed in the international market. It has exported more than 13,000 units and has a maximum order of 3,200 units throughout the year. It is expected that Shaanxi's exports will exceed 20,000 units in 2009.

To "strengthen the value for the user" and strengthen the product, the care of the customer in every possible way, it will undoubtedly become a true portrayal of Shaanxi Auto in 2008. Following the successful publication of the Blue Book on the Survival of Truck Drivers in China and the launch of the first "China Truck Drivers Festival," on April 22, 2008, Shaanxi Automobile initiated the Call for "The Song of Chinese Truck Drivers" to the world on September 28, 2008. At the second "China Truck Driver's Festival", "Chinese truck driver song - brighter future" was launched. 13 million truck drivers finally got their own songs, which improved the social status of the truck driver group. Shaanxi Automobile also became a Chinese truck. The birthplace of culture.

One hundred fans compete for the best, and the one who sails for the first time. Opportunity is greater than the challenge in 2009, Shaanxi Auto enhances the core technology competitiveness of enterprises, enhances the overall strength of the enterprise, strives hard for internal strength, cooperates win-win, faces competition, strengthens the brand, advances the business model of “service-oriented manufacturing”, and continues to write “Shaanxi Steam Speed”. ", and then a new glory.

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