"Yuchai" brand was named "China's Top Ten Independent Innovation Brand"

Celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, Yuchai gained another honor. In December 2008, the second Chinese landmark brand, which enjoys the highest honor of the Chinese company, was grandly announced at the Central Television Media Center. The "Yuchai" brand was named "China's Top Ten Independent Innovation Brands" and Yu Ping, Chairman of Yuchai Group's Board of Directors, also won the title of "Influencing the Top Ten Innovative Business Leaders of the 2008 China Times".

The “Second Large-scale Public Welfare Survey Campaign for Chinese Brands in the Industry” was sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, the Business Times, the World Chinese Business Magazine, the China Brand Association, and the China Enterprise Competitiveness Promotion Association. More Chinese brands go to the world. The iconic brand is a brand that can represent China and have more influence in the industry.

According to Wu Zijing, secretary-general of the event, when assessing China's iconic brands, he puts forward high requirements for enterprises: the industry where the company is located must be fully competitive and have sufficient market share; second, the brand is consuming. The person in the mind has a high reputation and reputation; third, the company's products have a strong international market competitiveness. In addition, factors such as technological innovation capability, profitability, and tax payment must also be considered. China's iconic brand should be the glory of China and the pride of China. It deserves the attention of the company and the respect of the Chinese people.

After strict organizational promotion, Internet users' voting and expert assessment, corporate brands such as Yuchai, Haier, Sannuo, Wahaha, Confucius International Holdings and China Construction Bank become Chinese landmark brands.

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