The only domestic large-scale horizontal centrifuge settled in Sinosteel Xingtai

It is mainly used for the production of super-large horizontal centrifuges with a diameter of more than 1m and a roll thickness of more than 5m. It has recently been successfully tested by China National Steel Corporation Xingtai Machinery Roll Co., Ltd. This indicates that China Steel Xingtai has a strong equipment guarantee for the production technology of the work roll of the heavy plate mill.
More than 5m thick slabs are mainly used in special steel plate industries such as shipbuilding, petroleum transportation and military industry. Their production capacity represents a country's steel production strength to some extent. Steel mills in China that have more than 5m thick plate mills use imported products for the work rolls used in their key components. The successful hot test rolling of the work roll of the first 5 m wide and thick plate rolling mill in China, which was developed by Sinosteel Xingkai recently for Sha Steel, filled the gap in the domestic production of this product. However, due to the mismatch between the original equipment and the production of the product, it is still not possible to achieve mass production.
At present, horizontal centrifuges that are put into operation or under construction in China have a maximum rotating weight of more than 50 tons, and most of them are about 30 tons. The cast iron extra-large horizontal centrifuge produced by China Steel Xingtai Co., Ltd. has a maximum rotating weight of 100 tons. At the same time, this equipment has a number of unique technologies such as oil and gas lubrication systems. It is the horizontal roll casting machine with the largest design specifications, best performance, and most complete functions in the country.
The success of this large-scale horizontal centrifuge hot test made China Steel Xingtai Co., Ltd. have initially possessed the scale output capacity of an extremely large and heavy plate work roll, and will produce higher technical content, more stable use performance and physical quality. Better products provide more powerful protection. It plays an important role in alleviating the contradiction between supply and demand in the current domestic heavy plate market and realizing the localization of large-scale heavy plate work rolls.

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