Chang'an Planning Micro-vehicle Strategy Accelerates Catching Up to the Biggest Enemy

On October 10, Changan Ouliwei 1.4L model was officially listed in Shijiazhuang. At the same time, it also announced that the "Changan Olivier PK joint venture hatchback small car" nationwide witness journey will come to an end.

Faced with the challenge of the four major joint ventures of the new Sail, Qi Chen R50, Xin Wei Wei and the Big Dipper X5, “Changan Olivier uses actual data to show that in its own brand of the same grade, its performance is remarkable. Even some key indicators are not lost to joint venture brands.” According to Yang Dayong, deputy general manager of Chang'an Commercial Vehicles Division, “With the launch of the European Lily 1.4L model, its monthly sales are expected to reach more than 5,000, that is, In 2014, the sales volume reached 60,000 minimum."

Yang Dayong introduced that since the launch of the EUROIL 1.2L model in April this year, Changan EUROWAY sales volume has been about 1,500 vehicles per month, and the market potential has not been fully released. However, with the official launch of the European Lily 1.4L model and the arrival of car sales season, this situation is bound to be greatly improved.

Take the example of Uno, another major model of Changan Commercial Vehicles. “Uno's sales volume is about 6,000-7,000 units per month before the 1.5L models are listed. After the listing, the sales volume exceeds 10,000 units in one fell swoop.” . As the key product of Chang'an commercial vehicle's future strategy, Yang Dayong naturally looks forward to the next market performance of Oliver.

In an exclusive interview with reporters, Yang Dayong revealed that the current Chang'an commercial vehicle production base includes some factories in Hebei, Nanjing, and Chongqing. Specific to the Olivier model, its three-shift limit production capacity is 80,000, basically to meet the 2014 sales target. However, Yang Dayong said that if Oliver's market sales performance exceeds expectations, then Chang'an Commercial Vehicles can use the Group's strength to expand production capacity at any time to meet consumer demand.

Key regional difference marketing

At the same time, for different regions, Changan Commercial Vehicles will also adopt different marketing strategies, hoping to further activate the market potential of Oliver.

From the perspective of the regional division of consumer groups: Chengdu, Chongqing in the southwest, Shijiazhuang, Jinan in North China, and Xi’an in the northwest, which are the main battlefields in which Oliver needs a competitive game, and buyers are relatively concentrated. In response to this situation, Changan will also adopt differentiated promotion resources to attract consumers' attention.

Yang Dayong said that these promotional methods include regular group purchases, regular patrol exhibition programs and related tasting activities, and marketing strategies are highly targeted. Then, through the promotion and promotion of these key areas, Changan Commercial Vehicles also hopes that Oliver can quickly become its best-selling model like Uno, which will drive sales growth in the national market.

Catching up with SAIC-GM-Wuling

“In the next five years, I think this will be a period of rapid development of small-sized hatchbacks.” Yang Dayong’s remarks indicate that the independent Chang’an commercial vehicle has actually had a clear analysis of the future development of the mini-vehicle market. judgment. Earlier in an interview with the media, Yang Dayong also confirmed that: in the future, Chang'an commercial vehicles will also be divided into two main lines, one is a traditional micro-vehicle, one is a new type of utility vehicle. Among them, the resources and R&D investment in the new multifunctional vehicle sector will be 4 times that of conventional micro-vehicles.

In the next five years, a new differentiated product will be introduced each year, plus the “Double Euro” reform and upgrade plan, which marks Chang’an’s desire to “recover lost ground” in addition to passenger cars and re-establish the micro-vehicle market. leader. In an interview with Sohu Automotive, Yang Dayong also unambiguously considered SAIC-GM-Wuling as the biggest competitor on the road to the future development of Changan Commercial Vehicles, and the pace of catch-up is eager to accelerate.

In terms of sales volume, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s performance in the mini-vehicle market reached 1,213,300 units in 2012. Chang’an’s overall sales volume is still less than half, and talking about catch-up is bound to be unrealistic. However, as the next 1-2 years, the automatic version of Olive 1.4LAMT, 7 extended editions and Ono 1.5L variant products have been launched one after another, they want to shorten the gap with the sales leader but it is not impossible to complete. task".

"To a certain extent, Wuling's outshoot in the micro-vehicle market is because the pressure from other competitors is too small, and the gap is hard to make up in a short time." But Yang Dayong believes that "through continuous efforts, Chang'an is currently It is trying to narrow the gap with Wuling and looks forward to a breakthrough in 2014."

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