Innovative truck marketing pattern

The slow recovery of the macro-economy, coupled with the demand for heavy truck market updates, continued to rebound in the heavy truck industry. The personage inside course of study predicts, compared to the sales volume of 120,000 vehicles in the third quarter of last year, the cumulative sales volume in the third quarter of this year hopefully surpasses 150,000, achieve growth. The real impact on the rapid market recovery of the heavy-duty truck industry in 2013 depends on the trend of the government's economic development mode and macro-control policies after the “eighteenth”. In addition, in the era of new media prevalence, the marketing and marketing landscape of the market has changed. Market trends have drawn attention from the industry, and the heavy truck industry needs a real sense of marketing change.

At present, regional marketing strategies and new media marketing trends have become the focus of heavy truck industry marketing. The situation in the auto market is in a low growth normal state, and the regional market has become a breakthrough in determining the sales of heavy trucks. In particular, first and second-tier cities tend to become saturated, and some cities have restricted purchases, while the third and fourth-tier cities have experienced rapid market development.

Nowadays, social media such as Weibo and Wechat are changing the use behavior of online users. It has become a must-have marketing channel for dealers. In particular, the emergence of new media will give trucks a huge potential for sales. This series of trends has led to the transformation of traditional automotive media, and has accelerated the pace of change in the marketing pattern of the heavy truck industry.

Take Tongtong Automotive Marketing Platform as an example, it integrates with the company's Liantong Logistics Company into a business unit, and automobile sales and logistics services are closely linked, forming a new industrial chain and stimulating the development of various business modules. The establishment of a car sales e-commerce platform and the promotion of all-aluminum semi-trailer, aluminum-alloy tanker and other flagship products have given many users more intuitive and comprehensive product impressions.

The survival of the truck industry must find the direction of the market and act accordingly. In terms of marketing, in addition to sales of vehicles, innovative marketing methods to expand channels, but also to serve the market, focus on customer use of the vehicle cycle, provide comprehensive after-sales service support, create value for customers to achieve profitability.

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