How much is a metal laser cutting machine

No matter what product you buy, people are most concerned about a "cost-effective" and good "after-sales service." Price is the expression of value. Value is the basis of price determination. There is a saying that says good: good goods are not cheap, and cheap goods are not good. Today, the author would like to play with you to talk about the price of this product of metal laser cutting machine.
Metal laser cutting machine and high-power carbon dioxide laser cutting machine (small-power carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is not suitable for cutting metal materials) compared to the outstanding advantages of metal laser cutting machine is low cost, low power consumption, small kerf, processing precision High accuracy, high cost performance. The cost of carbon dioxide laser cutting machines is high and the cost of use is extremely high. The stability of domestically produced systems is also difficult to control effectively.
The metal laser cutting machine is an automated laser processing machine assembled from laser technology and numerical control technology. It features high efficiency, low cost, stability, safety, and precision. Metal laser cutting machine is mainly used for non-contact cutting and punching of various metal plates and metal pipes. It is especially suitable for the cutting and processing of stainless steel plate, iron plate, thin aluminum plate, thin copper plate, silicon slice, ceramic slice, diamond and other materials.
At present, Dahan Laser, a leading manufacturer of metal laser cutting machines in China, can produce metal laser cutting machines that can be used for cutting stainless steel plates within 8mm and carbon steel within 12mm. Various specifications are available for selection, and non-standard can be customized according to actual needs. Types of.

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