The classification of garbage trucks is introduced

The arm of the swing arm type garbage truck is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder of 1680 mm/bore diameter of 125 mm; the stroke of the swing arm is: 3,740 mm of no-load flat support, vertical working status of up to 3,890 mm, and the multi-way valve is manufactured by Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Parts Factory. Function: The collection and transfer of urban garbage, with a simple structure, flexible operation, reliable performance, high transfer efficiency (a vehicle can be equipped with multiple garbage bucket) and so on. Garbage truck products are mainly used for carrying garbage, bulk materials such as ash, sand, stone, earth, etc., as well as for transporting ore or coal in mines or coal construction.
Sealed introduction The sealed garbage truck is mainly composed of automobile chassis, box body, door opening mechanism, lifting mechanism, electro-hydraulic control system, etc. It is a new type of integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated sealed transportation garbage transportation vehicle. It can be used together with LSY series garbage station, and can also be widely used in the garbage transportation of urban residents living area, industrial area, commercial area, school, park, scenic area and other places.
The docking type docking garbage truck is a special garbage truck for the garbage compression station, with a hydraulic back cover that can be opened at the back, and a compressed garbage block inserted from behind to increase the amount of garbage transported. This car is sealed and can also prevent secondary pollution during transportation.
Status of other vehicles: Body material: Garbage trucks can be used (carbon steel, stainless steel, and internal epoxy resin for anti-corrosion treatment) Scope of application: Garbage trucks are widely used in urban street garbage disposal, both with dumping function, hydraulic operation, dumping Convenience.

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