New School Bus Debuts Hunan Bus Show 2013

On October 11, 2013, the 2013 Hunan Education Equipment and School Bus Exhibition hosted by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, the Hunan Provincial Education Production and Equipment Division and the Hunan Provincial Educational Equipment Industry Association was held at the Changsha Hongxing International Convention and Exhibition Center.

“The school bus is the 'Noah's Ark' to pick up and drop off students, and the safety performance is the primary consideration for our order. Take the help of today’s show and let us feel the professional performance of several of the safest school buses from zero distance. We are prepared to further Talks with the company in detail and hopes that these beautiful, atmospheric and comfortable school buses can run on our streets and alleys and country roads!” In the morning, it was sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, the Hunan Education Production Equipment Department, and the Hunan Education Equipment Industry. The 2013 Hunan Provincial Education Equipment and School Bus Exhibition organized by the Association kicked off at the Hongxing International Convention and Exhibition Center in Changsha. Representatives from the education bureaus, primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens in the province attended the exhibition on the spot. The school bus firmly took everyone's footsteps.

He Anxi, deputy inspector of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, addressed the simple opening ceremony. She said that educational technology and equipment, as the material basis and conditional guarantee for the development of education reform in our province, have achieved rapid development in recent years. The implementation of the provincial compulsory education qualified school construction started in 2008 and the implementation of the rural compulsory education weak school reform plan implemented from 2010 have been proceeding smoothly. The annual investment has reached more than 3 billion yuan, of which investment in educational equipment has exceeded 1 billion yuan each year. The holding of high-level exhibitions in the field of educational technology and equipment is conducive to building a bridge linking the R&D, production, and use of teaching and learning equipment, vigorously promoting the modernization process of educational equipment and school buses in our province, effectively promoting the level of educational technology and equipment, and promoting modern educational technology. The extensive use of ours, we will uphold the "pragmatic, efficient, innovative, harmonious," the purpose of the Office, to first-class standards, first-class quality to run this exhibition. Later, Ge Jianzhong, a member of the Party Committee of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education, announced the opening of the exhibition.

In the crowded exhibition hall, the school bus became the “darling” of this exhibition. The Meihua Motors in Changsha and the Yangzi School Bus in Zhangzhou, Anhui Province were popular. The atmosphere was enthusiastic. Everyone went into the car enthusiastically to sit down and feel the new school bus. Comfort. Some school bus drivers got into driving positions and had a new school bus driver addiction. At the scene, Ge Jianzhong also joined with everyone and stepped into the carriage with interest to experience the performance of the new school bus.

“We endeavor to build the safest intelligent professional school bus. Everyone sees that our school bus is designed in strict accordance with the school bus safety standards, and uses a high-strength birdcage structure. The student seats are equipped with seat belts, and the seats are all reinforced by the seat back. The 360-degree non-blind design of electric rearview mirrors and reversing monitors ensures that the driver can observe the surroundings of the car at any time and avoid accidents caused by blind spots.” Before the Meihua Auto Show, the sales manager was responsible for sales. Promote to everyone on the spot.

It is understood that during the exhibition, many distinctive theme activities will be held, such as the 2013 Hunan School Bus Safety Management Symposium and the Hunan Provincial Working School Study Association General Meeting. These are solid, distinctive features and prominent themes of exchange activities. The exhibition as a national educational equipment industry cooperation platform to further promote the agglomeration effect, promoted the industry's in-depth exchanges and extensive cooperation, and maximize the impact of the show.

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