Garbage collection process of self-loading garbage truck

Garbage collection is the first step in the operation of self-loading garbage trucks . It is very important to start an effective and orderly operation afterwards. If you can't master the entire process of loading garbage, you may end up with vehicles. Loss of damage, after the impact of the process such as dumping. The current age of environmental sanitation workers is generally longer, and the level of cultural knowledge is inferior to the advanced nature of equipment. Therefore, relevant skills training should be strengthened. The following is a simple study of the self-loading garbage truck garbage collection process.


First, as the most basic starting step. Make sure the engine is working while pulling the handbrake and hanging the gear. While pulling the power take-off lever to the force-taking position, step on the clutch and release the clutch after the gear pump starts to work. The handle must be pushed down in place to ensure that the power take-off is fully engaged.

Second, the corresponding model of the trash can be accurately stuck to the lifting rack hanging teeth. After the card is ready, the loading handle bar can be moved to the lifting position, and the linked loading opening cover automatically opens when the lifting cylinder drives the trash can to rise smoothly, completing the process of dumping the garbage in the bucket into the carriage.

3. Pull the loading lever to the lower position. At this time, the trash can is driven down evenly by the lifting cylinder. At the same time, the linked loading port cover is automatically closed, thus completing a filling work cycle.

4. When the loading port is in the full state, after confirming that the loading port is in the closed state, pull the spatula lever to the compression position so that the garbage in the box will move to the rear of the tank. After the movement is completed, move the lever to reset, and push the shovel back. Repeat the cycle of loading and compression until the litter reaches the specified full condition.

5. When all the work processes are completed, the power take-off control handle is pulled to the disengagement position and the clutch gear is depressed to start the transportation process. It is still here to ensure that the power take-off is completely out of engagement and the lever must be pulled to the disengagement position.

6. Pay attention to the fact that the operators should maintain enough distance from the lifting racks to load the garbage, and at the same time understand that starting the vehicle engine without starting the neutral position will cause the vehicle to move. This kind of situation is extremely dangerous and should not be damaged.

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