Teach you how to tell if a refrigerated truck needs to change tires

As we all know, refrigerated trucks need to start delivery, the most used is its tires, there is no good tires, how can we talk about speed? Therefore, the maintenance of the tire is very critical. If the tire is slippery or does not have enough air pressure, it will affect the entire vehicle operation. It can be seen that the role of a small tire is also so large. Every time you open a refrigerated truck, the tires are subjected to pressure from the road surface, and the tire wears out gradually and eventually loses its grip. So from which aspects to view and observe whether the need to replace the tire? Xiao Bian summed up some contents today, hoping to help drivers who drive refrigeration trucks.

First of all, we must look at the depth of the tire tread pattern, the thickness of the tread pattern must be greater than 1.6 mm, the easiest way is that you can take out a one yuan coin, along the top of the national emblem into the tread groove, because The distance from the edge of the coin to the top of the national emblem is between 1 and 2 mm, so if you can still see the emblem of the entire national emblem at this time, it means that the thickness of the tread pattern is not enough to be replaced.


Followed by the tread pattern wear indicator line, when the tires are very new or the degree of wear is very low, these indicator lines are barely noticeable, but when the wear reaches a certain level, these hidden indicators in the tread groove It is presented. If almost all indicators on the tire are clearly visible, it means that you need to replace the tire as soon as possible.

Of course, the problem with tires is not all focused on the tread. If we look closely, we can find the cracks and cuts directly visible on the sidewall of the tire that are directly visible to the naked eye. These small grooves indicate that future air leaks may occur on the tires, and even worse, they may cause tire bursts. This is something we are not willing to happen, so usually we must observe more if the tires are raised. There are too many vibrations and vibrations in the process of bubbling or driving. We must open the refrigerated truck to the after-sales service station to inspect the specific reasons. Do not hold the psychology of sex. Safe travel is the hard truth.

Medium Hardened Gear Reducers


Medium-hard gear reducer is widely used in transmission mechanism of transportation, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, light industry and so on.

Product characteristics:

1.    Wide range of deceleration ratio, nominal speed ratio 10-200;

2.    The efficiency of mechanical transmission is high, the second is 96 and the third is 94;

3.    Smooth operation, low noise;

4.    Because of the use of 42CrMo, 35CrMo is forged and quenched and tempered, the gear shaft and gear are made respectively, so it has long service life and high bearing capacity.

5.    Easy to install

application condition:

1.    The circumferential velocity of the gear is not greater than 16m / s;

2.    The speed of high speed shaft is not more than 1000rr / min;

3.    The working environment temperature is -40 ℃ 45 ℃.

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Medium Hardened Gear Reducers

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