What should I do if the car runs downhill? Three measures to deal with

The brake is the key to the safety of the car. For driving, the most terrible thing is the brake failure. It is extremely dangerous for a car to lose control in a downhill slope.

1, control the direction of the low-grade gear

Do not panic after discovering that the brake has failed. At this time, you should stabilize the steering wheel so as to avoid accidents such as rear-end collision and scraping. In the premise of ensuring safety, the high-speed gear is engaged in the low gear, and the engine's traction resistance is reduced. Speed. At the same time you can use the handbrake, but you must not pull it down, nor pull it too slowly. You need to pull the handbrake at medium speed to avoid damaging the vehicle's braking capacity.

2. Use natural barrier friction reduction

If there are many vehicles in front and roads with more complex road conditions can't be ruled out after stealing and decelerating, it is necessary to immediately take scraping and deceleration measures. It is possible to use a relatively rigid position such as the bumper of a vehicle to make friction and collision with the barriers, slopes, and trees on the roadside, and gradually reduce the speed to escape the danger. However, it must be kept in mind that you must not use your direction to avoid running out of control.

3, use safe-avoid lane parking

On the expressway, most of the long downhill sections will have a safety lane at the end. If a brake failure is found on the way downhill and you observe that the road ahead is relatively smooth, you can first take the emergency method of stealing and deceleration, and then observe the long Whether there is a safe-haven lane at the end of the slope will not only ensure safety, but also ensure that the car will not be seriously damaged.

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