Garbage Terminator Little Dolica Compressed Garbage Truck Reviews

小多利卡,垃圾  ?压缩式垃圾车,评测,专用  ?环卫  ?垃圾终结  ?(3)

As long as it is a place where humans live, it will produce a variety of garbage. If these refuse are not cleared in time, they will seriously affect our living environment. After all, no one wants to live in the middle of a garbage dump. Therefore, humans produce. Get out of the garbage truck and let it help us clean up the environment.

However, due to the fluffy nature of the garbage, even if a garbage bin is filled, it will not be heavy, that is, there will be no volume, no weight, and even more so in domestic garbage. With such fluffy garbage, the garbage trucks are transported. When a rubbish bucket is full, but it is not loaded into anything, it must be transported. It is a waste of resources. However, the emergence of compressed garbage trucks has solved this problem.

The compact garbage truck can compress the fluffy garbage and squeeze the fluffy voids inside, leaving only the pressed solid waste. This will greatly increase the efficiency of the garbage truck and will not be repeated many times. Run and waste fuel.

Xiaoduo Lika compression garbage truck, namely Chu Sheng brand CSC5070ZYS4 type garbage truck, using Dongfeng Motor Corporation's small Dolika chassis conversion, the chassis model is DFA1070SJ35D6, belonging to the light truck chassis, the chassis size is 5845×1900 ×2220 (mm), after Chu Sheng conversion, the vehicle size is 6850×2050×2600 (mm).

In terms of power, Xiaodolika's compressed garbage trucks are equipped with Chaoyang Diesel Engine CY4102-CE4F diesel engines. They are inline four-cylinder, with a displacement of 3.8 liters and a maximum power of 73 kilowatts. The engine is matched with a five-speed manual transmission. For the chassis, the front axle of 1.8 tons and the rear axle of 3.5 tons were used. The front and rear axle axles were distributed with 2.92 tons of front axle and 4.38 tons of rear axle. The main weight was also borne by the rear axle. Tyre size 7.00R16 wire tyre.

After the modification, the overall vehicle trimming mass is 5.3 tons, and its rated load mass is 1.87 tons. The effective volume of the model is 6 cubic meters. The carriages are arc-shaped. The material of the carriage is made of high-quality Q235 carbon steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The plate is 4mm thick and the bottom plate is 5mm thick. It can adapt to very large compression forces and will not cause the car to break because of too much compression.

The hydraulic compression device adopts 9 hydraulic cylinders, thick reinforcement plate at the back of the scraper, and a filter screen. The Yangzhou Zhongmei multiple control valve is adopted. The hydraulic control operating system is electric control and manual control. Manual control is to prevent the electronic control from malfunctioning. The rear turning mechanism may be a bucket type or a hanging bucket type. The bottom of the filling device is a sewage collection box. The sewage in the carriage can flow into it and can be discharged through the ball valve when the garbage is unloaded.

The arc car uses a trapezoidal frame with a longitudinal section and reinforced beams on both sides and on the top. The advanced hydraulic lifting safety circuit is adopted. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the filling device will not drop suddenly and cause a vicious accident, improving the safety of use. Strong loading capacity, using bi-directional compression technology, compression ratio up to 1:2.5, domestic garbage after compression can reach 600-800kg/M3 or more, good seal between the bin and loader, eliminating secondary pollution; The joint control of liquid and the use of the advantages of electronic control and hydraulic control ensure that the actions of each mechanism are accurate and reliable, and improve the reliability and efficiency of use.

Summary: The convenience of compression-typed garbage trucks is unmatched by ordinary garbage trucks. They can transport more garbage, and the smaller size makes it easier to handle it, and improves the efficiency of transporting garbage.

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