The main device for making a refrigerated truck so cold

With the development of modern logistics and transportation technologies, not only large cargoes can be transported by highways, railways, aviation, etc., but also some special cargo transportation tools have emerged. For example, the refrigerated trucks that Xiaobian wants to introduce to everyone are our everyday lives. In China, refrigerated trucks are very practical. Fruits, fresh milk, frozen fish, frozen shrimp, etc., are due to the rapid development of refrigeration technology, we can only eat more fresh food, then how many people know that refrigerated trucks can be cold What is the strong support for fresh food?


As a top priority for refrigerated trucks, it is necessary to have an efficient refrigeration unit. The cold storage unit is a source of constant air conditioning for refrigerators. Most of them are installed in front of refrigerated cabinets. They are very similar to air conditioners, but air conditioners are better than it. The cooling capacity is small. The unit is divided into independent and non-independent, the main difference is that the non-independent is powered by the vehicle to provide refrigeration, and the independent is supported by another.

In addition to the “big hero” of the refrigeration unit, there is also a strength to serve as the incubator that we can directly see on the road. Can we still remember the northeast slab sold by the roadside guys? However, the focus is not here, but they hold incubators in their hands. As a good refrigerated truck, the car body determines its cargo capacity and cooling effect. Generally, we have to consider several factors when choosing the car body: It is a rugged and hard-to-damage product. When accidents such as rolling over of a vehicle occur, it is possible to protect the safety of the goods and successfully deliver the goods to their destination. The second is the effect of heat preservation. During the selection, attention should be paid to the insulation filler in the middle of the car body. Only with the high-quality heat preservation effect, can the freshness and quality be guaranteed. The third is the weight. In fact, the volume of a refrigerated truck looks great, but it does not necessarily mean that those trucks with the same weight are heavier. Of course, when you are making a decision, don't just choose the big ones, look at the solid ones, or look at your cargo volume and weight.

Read these reports, refrigerated trucks refrigerated trucks on blind who is not understanding it? When you see it on the road, you can also talk to the people on the edge and you'll know a little about this special car.

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