Rising posture | Eight safety precautions for dangerous goods transport vehicles

Introduction: Dangerous goods transport vehicles are usually dangerous goods that are corrosive, natural, flammable, poisonous, explosive, etc. The dangerous goods have special physical and chemical properties, such as protection during transportation.

Dangerous goods transport vehicles are usually dangerous goods that are corrosive, natural, flammable, poisonous, explosive, etc. The dangerous goods have special physical and chemical properties. If they are improperly protected during transportation, they are prone to accidents. , And the consequences of the accident are more serious than the average vehicle accident. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, the following eight points should be noted in the dangerous transportation:

1. Note that dangerous goods before packing should be packed in a safe manner according to their nature, transportation distance, and road conditions along the way. The packaging must be firm and tight. Clear, standardized, and easily identifiable signs should be made on the packaging.

2. Attention The roads, lights, signs, fire-fighting facilities, etc. on the loading and unloading site of dangerous goods must meet the conditions for safe handling. When loading or unloading dangerous goods, the car should be parked in the open air. The stevedoring workers should pay attention to their own protection and wear necessary protective equipment. Strictly abide by the operating instructions, lightly loaded, lightly unloaded, prohibited from falling, impact, rollover, heavy pressure and inversion, and fear that wet goods should be covered with tarpaulin. The goods must be stacked neatly and tied firmly. Dangerous goods of different nature cannot be mixed with vehicles, such as detonators and explosives.

3. Attention to the use of vehicles to transport dangerous goods must choose the appropriate vehicles, explosives, primary oxidants, organic oxides can not be used trailer-mounted trains, three-wheeled motor vehicles, motorcycles, human tricycles and bicycles; explosives, a Oxidants, organic peroxides, and primary flammables must not be shipped by tractor. Except for secondary fixed dangerous goods, other dangerous goods may not be shipped by dump trucks.

4. Pay attention to the fire avoidance of dangerous goods during transport. Use dangerous tools that do not generate sparks during loading and unloading. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the carriage. Vehicles should not be near open flames, high-temperature places and sun exposure. Tankers for oil shipments should be installed with a good ground line when they are stopped or loaded or unloaded. When driving, they should be grounded to prevent static electricity from causing fire.

5. Note that vehicles driving dangerous goods for shipment should be provided with the signs specified in GB13392-92 "Road Transport of Dangerous Goods Vehicle Marks". Car operations must strictly abide by regulations such as traffic, firefighting, and law and order, and should control the speed of the vehicle and keep the distance from the vehicle in front. If there is a case, it must be decelerated in advance, emergency braking should be avoided, and illegal overtaking should be strictly prohibited to ensure traffic safety.

6. Pay attention to the leakage of dangerous goods in the process of shipment, should be based on the different nature of dangerous goods, proper handling. When the explosives are scattered, they should be moved to a safe place to repair or replace the packaging. The leaked explosives should be soaked in water in time, and they should be handled by the local public security firefighters. When the tanks storing compressed gas or liquefied gas leak, they should be Move it to a ventilated area and water the air leakage cylinder. When liquid ammonia leaks, it can be immersed in water. Other highly toxic gases should be immersed in lime water. When flammable solid objects are scattered, they should be promptly moved to safe places. Yellow phosphorus should be immersed in water immediately after being scattered. Metal sodium, potassium, etc. must be immersed in iron drums containing kerosene or anhydrous liquid paraffin; flammable liquids. When leakage occurs, the leakage part should be turned upwards promptly, and timely moved to a safe and ventilated place to repair or replace the package. Leakage items should be cleaned with yellow sand and dry soil.

7. Note that vehicles parked for loading dangerous goods must not be parked in schools, institutions, markets, places of interest, scenic spots, etc. If it is necessary to perform loading or unloading operations or temporary parking in the above areas, safety measures should be taken and local public security agencies must be recruited. Agree. Keep the guards while parking. Casual personnel are not allowed to approach the vehicle. The vehicles are in the vehicle to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

8. Pay attention to the dangerous goods in the clean room. After the unloading, you should clean up the residue on the car. Vehicles and tools that have been contaminated with dangerous goods must be washed and cleaned. It is strictly prohibited to ship food, medicinal products, feed, animals and plants without thorough cleaning.

In the process of transporting dangerous goods vehicles, the articles are prone to life-threatening and property damage due to their own combustion, explosion, corrosion, poison and radioactivity, or due to external factors such as friction, vibration, impact, exposure, or temperature and humidity. Accidents: Dangerous goods vehicles are protected in time during transportation. Avoid man-made accidents.

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