How important is biometrics?

Biometrics technology is closely integrated with high-tech means such as optics, acoustics, biosensors and biostatistics and makes use of the inherent physiological characteristics of the human body such as fingerprints, face images, irises, etc. and behavioral characteristics such as handwriting, sound, Status, etc. for personal identification. In biometrics, fingerprint recognition and face recognition are fast, direct, friendly and extensible. They have great potential in security control and payment.

At present, biometrics is widely used for fingerprinting, face recognition and voice recognition. It uses the collecting device on the mobile terminal, does not require special equipment, and has lower cost and is more easily accepted by the market. With the continuous improvement of biometrics related technologies, technologies such as iris, retina and palm print will also gradually mature. In the future, it is expected to rapidly develop in the fields of information security, personal consumption market and financial applications. The agency estimates that by 2016, the market for biometrics key applications will exceed 20 billion yuan.

In recent years, smartphone makers have deployed biometric systems. In order to better protect the data of mobile phone users, the use of fingerprint recognition technology is particularly important, biometric technology can not only ensure the safety of mobile information, but also can be quickly unlocked. As early as 2012, Apple acquired AuthenTec, a fingerprint sensor manufacturer, for 356 million U.S. dollars, and Apple subsequently introduced a mobile device with embedded biometric capabilities. Apple's Touch ID biometrics feature fast and secure performance, save fingerprints and use dedicated chips to enhance security. In addition, Samsung's iris scanning technology will also be used in the new flagship mobile phone, open up space for the information security market.

With the rapid popularization of smart phone fingerprinting, the penetration rate of chips and modules is on the rise. Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Meizu and other handset manufacturers have introduced fingerprint terminals and popularized various brands, accelerating the biometric recognition from high to low penetration. In recent years, the proportion of mobile phones with fingerprint recognition has been continuously increasing. CCID statistics show that global fingerprint chip shipments in 2014 was 210 million, while in 2015 it grew to 360 million, an increase of 73.02%, is expected by 2016, the global fingerprint chip shipments will reach 550 million , The growth rate is expected to be close to 50%. In addition, last year, Android system fingerprint identification device penetration rate of about 25%, this year is expected to fingerprint identification device penetration will be increased to 50%, the future development of a huge space.

Under the leadership of major technology giants, the penetration rate of biometric devices has rapidly risen. The upstream core chips and module manufacturers will be the first to benefit. Future biometric authentication is expected to become a basic Internet service, which will usher in new business opportunities in the areas of personal applications, financial services and consumer products.

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