"Gold" in coal gangue

Black coal gangue after crushing, dipping and other procedures in which the aluminum, silicon, iron, titanium, magnesium and other valuable elements contained is extracted, the remaining slag were processed into a bright glass (864, - 13.00, -1.48%). This is the scene that the reporter saw in an interview with Zisenyuan Group in Panxian, Guizhou.

The designer of the production line, Professor Xia Feipei of the College of Chemical Engineering of Kunming University of Science and Technology, said that the production line can currently process 5,000 tons of coal gangue, and the recovery rate of aluminum and iron can reach 92% and 97%. “Per ton of coal gangue It can produce about 150 kg of iron oxide red, aluminum hydroxide 250 kg, 40 kg and 600 kg of titanium metal silicon, at the current market prices, profit may be 400 yuan. "

Coal gangue is a waste in the production process of coal. It not only occupies a large amount of land, but also liberates or leaches out sulphide, which has always caused pollution. It has always been a difficult problem for coal enterprises and coal producing areas.

Guizhou Liupanshui is known as the “Jiangnan Coal Sea”. Although it has superior resources, it produces millions of tons of coal gangue every year. In recent years, the city has increased research efforts in the reuse of coal gangue, but it is limited to power generation, clay bricks and ground filling materials. The products are single and have low added value. Fan Zhongyun, chairman of Zisenyuan Group, told the Economic Daily reporter that they worked hard on the utilization of waste in production and cooperated with the research team of coal gangue resource utilization of Kunming University of Science and Technology to build a comprehensive utilization of 5,000 tons of coal gangue. Trial production line".

Li Zaiyong, secretary of the Liupanshui Municipal Party Committee, told the reporter that the resource utilization of coal gangue saved the production cost of the enterprise and made the production waste residue “turn waste into treasure” and achieved a win-win situation between economic and social benefits.

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