Ministry of Science and Technology will launch research on clean and efficient utilization of coal

National Science and Technology February 19 announced the second batch of national key research projects, including 10 key projects clean and efficient use of coal and new energy-saving technologies.

It is reported that the “clean and efficient use of coal and new energy-saving technologies” focuses on high-efficiency coal power generation, coal clean conversion, coal-fired pollution control, carbon dioxide capture and utilization and storage (CCUS), industrial waste energy recycling, industrial processes and equipment energy conservation, Data center and public institutions energy-saving 7 innovation chains (technical direction) deployed 23 key research tasks.

In 2016, the first batch of coal clean conversion projects include low-metamorphic coal direct conversion reaction and catalytic basic research, coal pyrolysis gasification and massification conversion to clean gas key technology, coal conversion wastewater treatment, reuse and resource utilization key technologies.

Key technologies for coal conversion wastewater treatment, reuse and recycling (common key technologies)

Research content: research on new ways of treatment and utilization of wastewater from coal chemical process; research and development of high-concentration organic wastewater to make coal water slurry technology; research on low-loss high-efficiency phenolic extractant, development of synergistic removal process for phenolic ammonia and removal process; development and biological-chemical, catalytic oxidation of recalcitrant organics depth treatment technology; development of high performance, long life adapted concentrated saline wastewater membrane materials, process and equipment; development adapted to high salt degradation of COD and removal of heavy metals , Separation and crystallization technology and process.

Evaluation index: total phenol removal efficiency of dephenol extraction ≥94%; membrane concentration ratio ≥10 times, cleaning cycle more than 3 months; crystalline salt quality reached the national standard of industrial salt (GB/T5462).

Implementation period: 3 years

Number of projects to be supported: 1-2 items

Basic research on direct conversion reaction and catalysis of low metamorphic coal (basic research category)

Research content: study the organic composition and mineral characteristics of low metamorphic coal, the molecular structure of characteristic micro-components and its influence mechanism on direct conversion process and products; reveal the reaction pathway and product orientation control mechanism of coal direct conversion process; The migration of sulfur, nitrogen, halogens, alkali metals and heavy metals in the process of converting fuels and chemicals; research and development of new technologies for direct conversion of gas-liquid products and upgrading, liquid product to produce high-quality liquid fuels and chemical directed catalytic conversion mechanism and high efficiency catalyst.

Assessment index: Establish a method for characterizing the direct conversion characteristics of low metamorphic coal by combining microstructure and molecular structure, and form the technical basis for a new reactor for direct conversion of coal, a new process, and a new catalyst.

Implementation period: 5 years

Number of projects to be supported: 1-2 items

Key technologies for coal pyrolysis gasification and massification conversion to clean gas (common key technologies)

Research content: Develop high-level low-rank coal high-temperature pyrolysis to prepare gasification coke new technology, study its mineral composition, ash slag characteristics and gasification performance, develop new fixed-bed pressurized gasification technology and equipment for gasification coke; develop low-order The process of producing high-quality tar and hydrogen-rich pyrolysis gas by directional pyrolysis of crushed coal, completes reactor optimization and engineering amplification; develops pyrolysis, coking flue gas efficient dry desulfurization and low-temperature denitration technology and equipment.

Assessment index: a 100-ton/day-class new gasification coke pressurized fixed-bed gasification unit is built. The low-grade calorific value of the exported gas is ≥11MJ/Nm3; the industrial-scale directional pyrolysis device with a capacity of 100,000 tons/year is built, and the tar yield is greater than Ge Gold analysis yield 80%, tar dust ≤ 1.0%; flue gas desulfurization efficiency ≥ 95%, denitration efficiency ≥ 85%, used in million tons / year pyrolysis, coking unit.

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