How to use automatic dustproof system during belt conveyor

1 Overview of the automatic dustproof device before use

Xuzhuang coal mine for the low-gas coal mine, coal dust is a strong burst of coal dust, coal dust prevention and control work has been a top priority of mine safety work xuzhuang. In recent years, in order to meet the development needs of modern mines, Xuzhuang Coal Mine has carried out a large-scale transformation of the belt transportation system. The belt transportation capacity has been increased from 630t/h to 1000t/h, and the belt running speed has been increased from 1.9m/s to 3.15. m/s, the annual output of the mine is increased from 900,000 tons/year to 1.4 million tons/year, and the belt machine lane is the air inlet lane. As the air intake of the belt conveyor lane increases, the wind speed is increased by 2.5 m/s. . Increasing to 4m/s, these factors increase the amount of coal dust generated in the belt conveyor. In order to do a good job of dust prevention, Xuzhuang Mine has perfected the factory to spray spray in the belt conveyor lane, dustproof water curtains in the middle of the machineway, etc., but these dustproof facilities are all gate valve type water supply dustproof structure, requiring manual on-site operation. Due to the differences in personal qualities of employees and the special requirements of production requirements, the effects of these dust-proof facilities in actual use are not ideal, and sometimes bring new safety hazards. During the belt transportation process, only the drivers are arranged in the positions of the nose, the tail and the coal feeding point. Through management education, the dustproof devices of these positions can be started and stopped in time, but the dustproof device in the middle part of the belt lane should be It is more difficult to start and stop in time: First, the dust-proof device is far from the post (some reach more than 500m), the employee's effort is not timely to open and stop the water curtain; second, the belt driver cannot leave because of the need for safe production and handling of faults. The post will open and stop the water curtain; the third is that if the number of belts is more frequent, it is unrealistic to start and stop the water curtain in time. Due to the above reasons, there are occasions that the dust-proof water curtain is not opened, resulting in a large dust production in the belt conveyor lane, a lot of dust, and a safety hazard with the Song. It is also necessary to manually dust the dust; sometimes the dust-proof water curtain has been When the state is turned on, the dustproof effect is good, but it brings new safety hazards. After the belt is stopped, the water curtain is always open. Over time, the water on the belt is more. When it is turned on again, water accumulation may cause The belt runs over coal, belt slips and other unsafe problems. In the same field, stagnant water can also cause problems such as shortened belt life and increased workload for staff cleaning. It can be seen from the above that it is very necessary to improve the dustproof effect of the belt conveyor lane.

2 working principle and application of automatic dustproof device

When the belt conveyor transports coal, the movement of the belt, the idler and the drum drives the vibration of the intermediate support frame of the belt conveyor. The automatic dust-proof device uses this starting vibration signal to open the dust-proof water curtain and the transfer point spray in time to reduce the dust generated by the belt running. After the belt stops, the vibration signal of the frame disappears, and the automatic dust-proof device will stop spraying for a long time. Dust reduction [The specific working principle is as follows: The automatic dustproof device consists of three parts: the main machine, the sensor and the spray device. The micro-vibration sensor is the sensing part of the device. It is fixed on the belt frame. The belt runs the frame to vibrate. The sensor senses this signal in time. The sensor generates an analog signal. The signal is clipped and shaped by the internal circuit. Through the transmission of the cable, the electric signal enters the host controller to be amplified. After the identification and comparison processing, the signal is directly controlled by the power amplifier to control the operation of the solid relay. The high-power output system directly drives the spray solenoid valve according to the action command of the solid relay. Open to achieve automatic spray dust reduction. At the same time, in the process of inputting the electric signal to the host and the host to process the electric signal, according to the functional requirements of the site, the sensitivity, time control and output state of the sensing signal are set and adjusted by a specific circuit.

The automatic spray dust-proof device can always spray dust during the period from the start of the belt coal transportation to the end of the coal transportation, and can continue to reduce the dust when the coal dust does not disappear safely in the initial stage of the belt outage. . --Select within a range of 16 minutes to achieve the purpose of dust prevention and prevention of water accumulation in the belt. The sensitivity adjustment can distinguish the signal from malfunction, and does not perform spray dust reduction on the weak signal of the non-belt frame running vibration, so that the personnel can work in the cabin. The power supply of the automatic dustproof system adopts the 127V power supply for the lane lighting. The power supply comes from the belt feeder's total feed switch, which ensures that the power supply is always in the upper stage of the drive motor. If the belt is powered on, the power supply reliability is obtained. This ensures that it is easy to flexibly arrange the automatic dustproof device according to the dust generation condition of the belt lane. The automatic dust-proof spray device can arrange and select the nozzle according to the size of the roadway and the size of the dust. There are a variety of spray heads such as single hole, three holes and seven holes. The water required for spraying is supplied by the main dustproof pipe. The size of the inner diameter of the solenoid valve and the pipe joint is determined, and the spray water source is reliably guaranteed. The automatic dustproof system combines the dust-producing characteristics of the belt machine lane with the existing conditions to solve the dustproof problem of the belt lane.

3 Benefits obtained after applying automatic dustproof device

After the application of the automatic dustproof device, the coal dust in the belt conveyor can be timely reduced, the air is purified, a good working environment is created for the employees, and the occupational diseases of the employees are reduced. It also provided fresh air for the next wind point, benefiting more than 100 employees. After applying this device, the phenomenon of excessive coal dust accumulation has obviously improved. The belt conveyor lane that needs to be dusted every day is now only once a week or Two times of dusting, only 5 belts in the main lane of Xuzhuang Mine can be used to reduce dust-proof workers by 5 people; after using this device, there is no need for the driver to open and stop the water curtain, which reduces the distance traveled by the driver; After this device, the belt will no longer cause water accumulation due to the water curtain not stopping after the shutdown. The original sprinkling of coal caused by the accumulation of water on the belt will prevent the slippage from happening, ensuring the safe operation of the belt and reducing the staff. The cleanup workload also maintained the civilized production environment in the machine hall, which benefited more than 60 employees of the main roadway of Xuzhuang Mine Belt.

4 Conclusion

The coal industry is a high-risk industry, and safety is the top priority of all work. Adhering to the "management, equipment, training" and equal work ideas, fundamentally creating an intrinsically safe working environment is the best way to ensure safety, which requires us to adhere to the scientific dialectical development concept. It is necessary to be safe to the equipment, to benefit the equipment, to reduce the physical labor of the employees, to reduce the number of workers underground, to reduce the difficulty of management, and to replace the cumbersome operation of the equipment with the automation of equipment. The automatic dustproof system combines the running characteristics of the belt conveyor, and solves the problem of coal dust in the belt conveyor lane by using the existing conditions, increases the safety factor of the belt conveyor lane, and reduces the labor and labor intensity of the employees. Creating a healthy and comfortable working environment is a good development direction for equipment utilization.

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