March sales of the top ten SUVs released: Haval H6 recaptured the championship

A few days ago, CUCH released the TOP10 data on the SUV market in March. There was little change in the short-listed models. The Haval H6 snatched the championship that Po Chun had won last month. However, the data is not much different from Baojun 510, which shows the future championship battle. Still quite interesting, Chuan Qi GS4's ranking also changed from the 6th in February to the 3rd in March. Currently the Chuanqi GS4 has not yet been replaced. In the current new generation of SUV market, GS4 It still sold well, but it also began to fade into its old state. Bo Yue successfully surpassed 30,000 vehicles. It is worth noting that the top three rankings are 1.3 liters and 1.5 liters in terms of displacement, 1.8T and 2.0L. Bo Yue can be considered a "large displacement" model. This achievement can be said to have higher gold content. As the Changan flagship adopts a brand new design language and launches the CS55, the market performance in March can definitely be regarded as a turning point in reversing the recent decline in Changan Automobile. The Changan CS75 behind can achieve such a result in the event of a negative problem. It is not unrelated to the sincere attitude and action of the incident handling. It is recommended that other manufacturers learn.

The joint venture company's Tiguan and Angkewei have a strong product vision. It is an expected result to achieve such a result.


Note: The data comes from the Federation of Travel Unions and is slightly different from the data published by China Automobile Association. It is for reference only.

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