Lightweight high-height semi-trailer semi-trailer driving operation skill method full of goods

The heavy-duty heavy-duty semi-trailer heavy-duty drive refers to the actual driving after the semi-trailer is loaded. Heavy semi-trailer driving is not easy, not only requires a lot of physical strength, but also has a high demand for lightweight high-bar semi-trailer driving skills. Because of the semi-trailer loading, the weight of the vehicle is greatly increased, and the various parts of the vehicle's technical performance and the ratio of empty vehicles are greatly changed. If you drive a heavy-duty, lightweight, high-bar semi-trailer, accidents can cause traffic accidents. Therefore, heavy-duty lightweight high-bar semi-trailer drivers must adopt appropriate methods of operation.
When turning, the turning radius should be appropriately increased. When encountering the situation of the vehicle during driving, the lightweight high-bar semi-trailer and obstacles should be taken in advance, and the brakes or stops must not be operated in the vicinity. Because the inertia of the drive is smaller than that of the air, the use of the brakes is appropriately advanced to ensure the braking effect and to avoid emergency braking. Parking should choose a safe place, pay attention to the physical level along the road, not too close. After the flame was turned off, pay attention to lowering the attitude, hang upside down on the uphill to hang the reverse gear, and tighten the handbrake. Stop on steep slopes, but also in the wheel pad triangle wood or larger stones to prevent the vehicle from sliding.
Warehouse-type semi-trailer is a common semi-trailer vehicle, consignment station, and courier company indispensable means of transport. Warehouse-type semi-trailers are used to pull simple goods such as vegetables, fruits, clothes, electrical appliances, and other daily necessities. For power engineering, communication engineering also played a very big role. For engineering small equipment, it is transported by warehouse gate semi-trailer. 1. The model design of the vehicle model and fence structure is combined with the user's cargo category. It is reasonably designed to fully reduce the weight of the passenger compartment under the condition of heavy load. The structure is simple and applicable, and the demolition is convenient. It reduces the investment cost for the user and creates more profit value.
2. Frame: Space frame structure welded by longitudinal beam and integral through beam. It can balance the strength, stiffness, toughness of the frame, and has strong bearing capacity without permanent deformation.
3, the series of grille type semi-trailer frame are worn beam structure, longitudinal beam or goose-neck type. The web height is from 400 to 500. The stringers are welded with automatic submerged arc welding. The frame is shot blasted, and the beams penetrate the stringers and are welded together. 4. Suspension system: The new type of suspension system has high strength and strong impact resistance; the axle shaft load is balanced and the system puller rod angle is reasonably designed. In the process of frequent jolting, the frictional sliding distance between the tire and the ground is reduced. , Effectively reduce tire wear, and adjust the pull rod at the same time, can adjust the wheelbase, effectively avoiding the uneven wear and tear of the tire. The structure of the wagons of the wagons is composed of the front baffles, the box boards, the flower columns and the columns. Shandong Hongsheng Automobile Co., Ltd. is now launching a 2.55-meter-wide semi-trailer. The models are: semi-trailer, semi-trailer and flat semi-trailer. Dump trucks are not in the range and they are expected to tell each other about the opportunity. Warehouse opening mode: left and right open, up and down open type, long lock bar open type, short lock bar open type, card slot lift type. The three-axis warehouse semi-trailer has 11 doors and 13 doors. The column is divided into interpolated cassettes and external cassettes. After the form of split-type split door, the same side of the box board, warehouse shutter split type. Conventional vehicle frame structure is divided into straight beam type and goose neck type, goose neck type can effectively reduce the height of the rear cargo table, reduce the vehicle Height of center of gravity. Determine the relevant parameters of the tractor, the main hanging matching should be reasonable, the gooseneck should pay attention to the length of the gooseneck and the tractor to match, the background surface height to be correct light weight semi-trailer is much lighter than the average semi-trailer, Not only greatly reduced fuel consumption but also reduced the overload.

Electric Chain Hoist is widely used to lift, repair equipment, hoisting goods, which is installing on crane rail and fixed lifting hoisting heavy weight. Mainly used in factory, workshop, warehouse, logistic dock, port, construction building mines, yard stores etc.

Electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment. Consisted of motor, transmission mechanism and chain wheel.

The electric chain hoist come in numerous types with different configurations, which mainly divided into manual trolley type, electric trolley type, low headroom type and European type.

Electric Chain Hoist

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