Meifengjia Blue helps Scania driver training activities

Recently, Scania (SCANIA) driver training and product launches will be held in Guangzhou, Lin logistics park, Sichuan, Mei Fung as the friendly and cooperative partnership, full participation in the training seminar.
Meifengjia Blue helps Scania driver training activities Meifengjia Blue helps Scania driver training activities

Sichuan Meifeng briefed the driver's friends who participated in the training about the refueling matters, SCR cleaning and maintenance, and maintenance considerations of the urea system under high temperature weather. The intimate service was deeply loved by the driver's friends.

SCANIA is the world's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. Its heavy-duty trucks are well-known throughout the world and it is one of the mainstream models of major logistics companies such as Debang, Tiandi Huayu, Jiaji and Shunfeng. In China, Sichuan Meifeng has adopted the advantages of natural gas as raw material, integrated production technology, and quality assurance of global quality. It has stood out among many automotive urea brands and has won recognition from global truck giants. It chose Meifeng as Scania ( SCANIA)'s recommended products make the performance of the heavy trucks incisive.

ZSQ series light Linear Vibrating Screen is a standard and universal screening equipment.The movement track of its screen box is close to straight line.Almost all the linear vibrating machine are consisted of the screen box,supporting or hanging device,driving unit, vibration isolation etc.

Linear screen uses double vibrating motors to drive,when two motors rotate synchronously  and reversely, exciting forces generated by eccentric block are resolved in parallel to the  direction of motor axis and then united as one across the motor axis direction,so its  movement track is linear.There is an angle of inclination between the two motor axis relative  to the screen deck.Under the influence of the resultant force of exciting force and materials    itself  weight,materials are thrown up to make leapfrog and linear movement forward on the screen deck in order to screen and grade the materiel . Applied in flowing line to achieve automatic  operation.


Our machines have an automatic 12 months guarantee against faulty material and workmanship valid from the date of dispatch in China or date of arrival at foreign border.

If any problem of the machine under instruction within one year,we are responsible for replacement incuding delivery fee and maintenance.

Lifelong service is offered with cost charge after one year.

Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

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