Accelerate the completion of surface fitting in auto parts management

After the user requests to install the illustrated car clock into the illustrated hole, the surface of the clock face and the car's surface are well fitted. Method for Surface Fitting 3.1 Measuring Feature Points According to the shape of the fitting mounting holes, a two-dimensional mesh is formed. The intersection of the grid is the feature point of the desired measurement. Measure the height coordinate values ​​of each feature point based on the two-dimensional grid diagram shown.

The design study analysis can be expressed as: x1=(1-t)2x0+2t(1-t)x1+t2x2(1)y1=(1-t)2y0+2t(1-t)y1+t2y2(2) Z1=(1-t)2z0+2t(1-t)z1+t2z2, find the t-value in the Bezier curve equation. Substitute the Z-coordinates of P0, P1, and P2 into the third equation of the above equation. Out t value: t = 0.5563. Calculate the Z coordinate of the five unmeasured intermediate points. Since the Bezier curves at the 7 locations shown have the same properties, the relative position of the middle point relative to the two ends of the curve is the same on each Bezier curve. The seven Bezier curves have the same t value. After the t-value is determined, the Z coordinates of the two ends of each curve are respectively substituted into the third equation of the above formula, and the height coordinate values ​​of the five intermediate points can be obtained respectively. The calculation results are shown in Table 1 below.

Based on the measured coordinate values ​​of the feature points, the Z coordinate values ​​of the five intermediate points are calculated. The upper point is 13.813.914. The middle point is 14.915.115.515.715.615.215.0 The lower point is 15.615.916.416.616.616.216.1 Note: The table is inclined Bold data is the calculation result. After the surface is obtained, the height coordinates of each point shown in the above table are obtained, and then in the Pro/E, the three-dimensional fitting surface of the digital clock face plate is obtained by the mask method. The car clock curved disk is designed and manufactured by this method.

The method introduced in this article has been verified in the design of a car digital clock curved panel in a factory. The method is simple, practical and reliable. If the mounting holes of the accessory are of other shapes, such as circles, ellipses, etc., this method is also applicable, except that the two-dimensional grid of feature points is in a different form.

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