Guangxi Yuchai won the First Autonomous Region Chairman's Quality Award

Recently, Guangxi Yuchai successfully took out the highest quality honor award of the autonomous region - the quality award of the chairman of the autonomous region, and won a reward of 1 million yuan.

The Quality Award of the Chairman of the Autonomous Region is the highest quality honor award for the People's Government of the People's Republic of China for the first time in 2012. It has been awarded to the autonomous region to implement the excellent performance management model, and the quality management level and independent innovation ability are in the leading position in the domestic industry, and have achieved significant economic and social benefits. Or organization. It mainly conducts comprehensive evaluations on the seven aspects of the reporting company’s leadership, strategy, customers and markets, resources, process management, measurement analysis and improvement, and business results. A total of more than ten companies applied for this award. In the end, four companies such as Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. won the first Quality Award of the Chairman of the Autonomous Region.

In recent years, Yuchai Co., Ltd. has vigorously carried out innovation practices, and the company has been at the forefront of the industry in its development and operation quality level: the company has built a core corporate philosophy of “green development and harmony and win-win”, and has built a complete corporate culture and institutional standards; The National Engineering Laboratory and the Guangxi Quanyi Enterprise Relying on Unit as an opportunity to increase independent innovation and create the country's top scientific and technological innovation capabilities, created leading advantages in emission control, combustion, energy saving and other aspects of scientific and technological fields, and mastered the hybrid Powertrain, gas engine assembly, EFI system and other leading domestic R & D and manufacturing technologies that are comparable internationally; built a sales service network that leads the peers, and meets more customer needs while gaining a higher reputation in the market. The market share of several leading products in the domestic market has reached more than 60%.

Yuchai Co., Ltd. has made outstanding achievements in excellent performance management and has also influenced the development of local enterprises in Yulin City. Yuchai has promoted the improvement of the operating quality of surrounding supporting industrial clusters, supply systems, and service systems, and has contributed to the promotion of “quality and prosperity” and the realization of “a new leap forward for enriching the people and forging ahead.”

It is reported that with outstanding performance management and achievements in quality management, in 2012 Yuchai Co., Ltd. won a number of national and autonomous level honors, and in June won the honor of “Industrial Quality Benchmark” awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in early July. It was also awarded the title of “National Outstanding Enterprise in Mass Industry Quality Management Activities” by the China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association, the China National Commission for the Development of Machinery, Building Materials, and Trade Unions and the China National Association for Mechanical Industry Staff Ideological and Political Work.

Three Dimensional Mixer

The three dimensional mixer(high efficiency three dimensional mixer) is wide used in food and pharmaceutical industry. Its loading index can be 80%. The mixing homogeniety can be 99.9%

SYH 3d powder mixer mixer is extensively applied in l pharmaceutical chemical, food, and light industry. The machine can be very evenly mixed good fluidity powder or granular materials. During the work, mixing tank moves multi-directional, which accelerated the flow and diffusion of material in the process of mixing various kinds of material. Furthermore, it can avoid Specific gravity and accumulation of segregation due to the centrifugal force. Therefore excellent mixing effect can be obtained.


1: SYH three dimensional mixers are mainly composed of engine base, transmission system, electrical control system, multi-directional movement mechanism, and mixing buckets. Moreover, The parts access to material is made of high quality stainless steel and the inner and outer surface adopt mirror polished.

2: With the multi-directional movement of mixing tank, the material in the mixing tank can attain excellent mixing effect and mixing uniformity is better than the general mixer.

3: Mixing barrel shape is well designed with inner and outer polished surface, no dead corner, no accumulation material. In addition, the materials are discharged smoothly and the machine is easy to clean.

4: The materials were mixed in a closed state so that it does not cause pollution.

Three Dimensional Mixer, Three Dimensional Swing Mixer, Three Dimensional Mixing Machine

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