With robots, repairing pipelines doesn't cost

Business Daily Jinan (Reporter Wang Shanlong) The reporter saw a new equipment for future pipeline overhaul at the water congress yesterday. This equipment, called a pipeline robot, enables people to see the condition of the inner wall of the pipeline through the video camera function that they carry. With it, the maintenance of underground pipelines will be quicker and easier in the future.

“This kind of pipeline robot is developed by us.” The staff of Shenzhen Waterworks Engineering Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the robot camera with a shape similar to that of a small tank can rotate 360 ​​degrees, tilt 270 degrees, and after entering the pipeline, it can not only advance and retreat , but also turn around in place.

The reporter learned that this pipeline robot can not only operate in water supply pipelines, municipal sewage pipelines, and storm drains, but also can be used in oil and gas pipelines, coal yards, and mines. For example, if there is a leak in a pipeline, but the road is not excavated, the maintenance personnel cannot intuitively understand the leak condition of this pipeline. With this kind of robot, it can climb into the underground pipeline to send back video information for people, so that maintenance personnel can make a direct judgment and take corresponding measures to narrow the scope of excavation.

The reporter saw on the scene that with the operation of the remote control rocker in the hands of the staff, the video of the robot's place can be clearly transmitted to the screen of the instrument. "These robots can be used not only in municipal areas, but also in small spaces where earthquakes and other natural disasters occur. But reporters also learned that Jinan, an advanced pipe robot, has not been used yet, but With the development of the city, this new device will surely be promoted.

At the same time, the reporter noticed that the long-distance intelligent water meter also appeared in the water assembly. Afterwards, tap water meter reading is like surfing the Internet. In addition, in the cities, many people have personal experience because water supply repairs have caused the residents to stop water. However, the reporter learned from the water congress yesterday that the Jinan Water Group has successfully repaired the impact of construction repairs on residents' lives through the continuous development of water gates and continuous repair and repair techniques.

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