Sand dust chamber failure and solution

Sand dust chamber failure and solution Many precision instruments are used more and more widely, but its application environment is not the same. Some instruments need to be in the wind and sand environment. The instrument has a certain ability to resist sand, so how to ensure the instrument to adapt to the wind and sand environment?

The sand dust test box is named “Sand Dust Test Chamber”, which simulates the destructiveness of sandstorm weather in nature and is suitable for detecting the shell sealing performance of products. It is mainly used for the IP5X and IP6X grades specified in the enclosure protection grade standards. test. The role of dustproof test equipment in quality control has received increasing attention. In particular, some parts and components manufacturers must meet relevant standards and tests in order to meet the application requirements of the entire product. This requires the use of dustproof test equipment and other related tests. Conduct the test.

What kinds of troubles are easy to encounter in the sand dust test chamber? How to solve it? If the dust box of the dust box is not on, you need to check whether the power supply, phase sequence is normal, and if there is a zero line. If the instrument does not blow dust, you need to check if there is a problem with the blower and check if the dust is dry. Whether the instrument can normally vibrate is closely related to whether the vibration motor is working properly. In general, sand dust test chamber should be placed in the temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius, relative humidity less than 85% in order to ensure more stable instrument performance. In addition, the equipment should be installed in a location free of direct sunlight, well-ventilated, away from combustibles, explosives, and high temperature heat sources.

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