LED lighting enters the outbreak period, the backlight market is expected to grow by 40%

Taiwan Province of China has always been a major town in the global electronics industry. The monthly data of the LED industry in Taiwan has also been well received by the market. Large-size LEDs are still on the rise. Looking forward to next year, the development of LED backlight applications will still maintain about 40% growth, and the LED lighting industry has begun to show explosive growth.
The latest data shows that in November, the LED industry in Taiwan ushered in the off-season of the industry. The industry's revenue declined for three consecutive months, and the revenue of major packaging companies fell by 8% year-on-year; while the revenue of chip companies fell by 12%. However, this was mainly due to the downstream enterprises, which were actively stocking in September. Year-on-year, the growth rate of the LED industry in 2012 is still maintained.
In 2012, with Samsung's announcement that LCD TVs all use LED backlights and Suning's traditional LCD TVs, the development of LED backlights is clearly beyond expectations. Statistics show that the industrial penetration rate of LED backlights is expected to reach 70 by the end of 2012, a significant increase from the beginning of the year.
Looking forward to 2013, the backlight growth of LEDTV and smart terminals will still be faster. It is predicted that the penetration rate of LEDTV will reach 85 or more in the next year. Considering that the penetration rate of this year is only about 60, the TV backlight will be expected to be realized next year. 40 or so growth.
In addition, this year's lower than expected superbook, next year is expected to become a year of heavy volume, and will effectively drive the growth of backlight demand. According to forecasts, domestic smartphone shipments are expected to continue to grow by 36 in 2013.
The latest good news, more from the LED lighting, although its development speed in 2012 is not as expected, but more and more information shows that LED lighting is gradually entering the outbreak period.
According to the information of the Autumn Lighting Exhibition in Hong Kong, China at the end of October this year, more than 90 lighting products are LED lighting applications, fully demonstrating that the LED lighting era is approaching.
In addition, the international first-line manufacturers have entered the stage of LED lighting promotion at full speed. In early November, the Guangzhou International LED Forum has also become a substantial stage for Guangdong LED lighting promotion. Especially in recent days, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou and other places have carried out the tendering of LED street lights.
From the situation of manufacturers in Taiwan, Dongbei and the new century have recently received long-term LED lighting, and it is expected that LED lighting turnover will double in the next year. Edison is even more blunt. Given that the plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five-Year Plan is about to start, China's domestic demand market will recover next year, and there will be a good recovery after the first quarter of next year. This may be the biggest attraction of the LED industry next year.


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