ACO Marine Wastewater Treatment System is Canadian Type Approval

ACO Marine's advanced Maripur NF and Clarimar MF wastewater treatment systems have recently received type approval from the Canadian Department of Transportation.

         Mark Beavis, General Manager of ACO Marine, said that the certification was obtained in December 2016. The system is safe and cost-effective and fully meets Canada's stringent requirements for ship discharge in the Great Lakes region.

         Not long ago, the company just appointed Ontario-based Marine and Offshore (MAO) as a new regional distributor.

         Since Canada has not yet joined the MARPOL Annex IV Convention, Canada has adopted its own stricter regulations, and the treated wastewater must meet the 100 coliform requirements per 100 ml of water to be discharged into Canadian waters.

         Both the Clarimar MF wastewater treatment (product pool supply) system and the Maripur NF wastewater treatment system are superior to the emission standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) 227 (64). The Maripur NF Wastewater Treatment System also meets the requirements for reducing phosphorus and nitrogen content in treated wastewater under Section 4.2 of the “Special Area” operation for passengers with more than 12 passengers.

         ACO Marine's advanced Clarimar MF and Maripur NF units exceed these emission standards, and type approval tests have shown that the system can reduce coliforms to 17.5/100 ml and TSS to 2.4 mg/l (standard value is 35 mg/l). ), BOD decreased to 7.3 mg / l (standard value is 35 mg / l), COD decreased to 60 mg / l (standard value is 125 mg / l), nitrogen and phosphorus content is also significantly lower than the mandatory standard.

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