Is the plant protection drone industry still far behind?

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Because the technical standards of plant protection drones have not been implemented, and the relevant operational specifications of drones have not landed. Therefore, plant protection drones have not been included in the Central Agricultural Machinery Subsidy List, and only some provinces are in the process of local purchase subsidies. On January 16, Li Weiguo, Director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization of the Ministry of Agriculture, made a concluding speech at the National Agricultural Mechanization Working Conference. Among them, the plant protection drone was mentioned as a pilot subsidy. This is the second level of plant protection drones included in the scope of subsidies.

Is the plant protection drone industry still far behind?

Li Guowei mentioned the inclusion of unplanted plant protection in the scope of pilot subsidies, allowing the implementation of plant protection unmanned aircraft subsidies in suitable areas, which is undoubtedly a major positive for plant protection drone manufacturers. This news soon swept the screen in the circle of friends.
So what do the relevant people in the industry think?
Liu Yunling, executive director of the Institute of Drones at China Agricultural University, said that the top-level design did not mention the subsidy for plant protection drones. This year, after various demonstrations and promotion, not only farmers gradually accepted the plant protection. The aircraft made flying defense, and even the central government was alarmed. Finally, a directive with guidance was issued. It seems that the plant protection market will be very lively in 2017.
Liu Yunling’s views are somewhat representative. interviewed a number of plant protection manufacturers, and they all have a positive attitude towards this trend. They believe that the mouth has finally loosened, and the plant protection drone will usher in the days of making money in the next two years.
After carefully studying Li Weiguo's speech, it is not difficult to find that the amount of agricultural machinery subsidies this year has shrunk dramatically, and directly cut 5 billion. However, Li Guowei also mentioned why the amount of subsidies will shrink. According to the experience of agricultural machinery subsidies in the past 12 years, combined with the new requirements of modern agriculture development such as transfer mode and structure adjustment of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, it is necessary to appropriately narrow the scope of subsidies. At the same time, in the case of a limited amount of funds, subsidies should be used in places where they are in short supply.
However, some people in the industry pointed out that starting from 2010, the growth rate of various types of agricultural machinery across the country has gradually slowed down in the case of subsidies. Therefore, the money subsidized by the agricultural machinery is not used in the hands of the government, because the farmers who buy the machines are less.
In contrast, the number of plant protection drones that are not subsidized is rising. At this time, the plant protection drone was included in the agricultural machinery pilot subsidy. In other words, the money previously used to subsidize other agricultural machinery is now used to subsidize plant protection drones. Therefore, although the total plate has become smaller this year, the amount and proportion of funds used to subsidize plant protection drones has increased.
This released two signals: First, the desire to purchase traditional agricultural machinery has declined, and the subsidy can not stimulate the enthusiasm of farmers; second, the plant protection drone is slowly accepted by farmers, the agricultural machinery characteristics of plant protection drones Gradually recognized. At the same time, the country has placed the promotion of plant protection drones in a very important position.
It is no wonder that plant protection drone entrepreneurs have said that the industry is coming.
The above two signals can be seen that the plant protection drone is included in the pilot subsidy, which may be the result of the market. In 2014, some provinces opened pilot projects to subsidize plant protection drones, but they were not pressured by various parties. By 2016, the pilot subsidies have come back, and the central government’s tone has also been loosened, allowing conditional local governments to subsidize the purchase of drones. This year, the central government simply followed the development needs of the industry and piloted agricultural machinery subsidies nationwide.
In this regard, any of Xiongkui, the director of the Plant Protection Machinery and Application Technology Research Center of China Agricultural University, holds the same view. He believes that although the current trend is that the top-level design promotes plant protection drones, this support has not yet reached market expectations. It’s just a guided speech, the real rules have not yet come out, and many words are ambiguous.
In He Xiongkui's view, the Ministry of Agriculture is based on the needs of the development of the plant protection industry, and the plant protection drones are included in the pilot subsidy in line with the situation. There are indeed signs of letting go, but they have not been fully released. In general, it is still worthy of pleasure. After all, the achievements of the plant protection drone in 2016 were recognized.
Ma Yong also believes that the drones made something in 2016 and they received the attention of the top. As the CEO of Tianyi Hechuang and the vice captain of the National UAV Plant Protection Inter-regional Operation Service Team, Ma Yong believes that it was the Chinese drone and robot application contest that received extensive attention in October that can attract the attention of the Ministry of Agriculture. . The China UAV and Robot Application Competition was jointly organized by the China Agricultural Film and Television Center (CCTV-7 Agricultural Program) and China Agricultural University. All walks of life have different levels of attention to this competition. It is understood that Xinhua News Agency, Agricultural Vision Network, China Agricultural Information Network and other mainstream websites have reported on the competition.
It is understood that in the "Li Weiguo: 2017 agricultural machinery subsidy funds reduced by 5 billion yuan, focus on subsidies in these areas" news, some comments pointed out that plant protection drones are now quite perfect, subsidies should be in the research and development period, not in the application period At this time, it is more appropriate to subsidize the area of ​​work, rather than subsidize the purchase of farmers.
In response to the above remarks, many insiders expressed their support. Wang Hao, founder of Shandong Fengyun Airlines, believes that the government's purchase of services is the general trend. Coolong Liu Libo once pointed out that Henan Province's central wheat “one spray three defenses” direct subsidy reached a county in the eastern Henan region, the county has already had an ice-breaking government procurement plant protection enterprise services. The working area of ​​the pest and disease window reached 170,000 mu. Many entrepreneurs also believe that the same method of subsidizing the working area as the harvester can stimulate the vitality of the plant protection drone.
It is undoubtedly a big advantage for the plant protection drone to be included in the pilot subsidies for agricultural machinery, both for plant protection enterprises and for farmers. Last Saturday, the author witnessed the huge difference in the traditional anti-planting and anti-plant protection of the backpack-type spray and the plant protection machine. The drone has been demonstrated for several rounds, and the four people carrying the medicine box to fight drugs The farmer’s uncle still did not finish the work. Although the efficiency of drone demonstration and actual work is different, the drone is undoubtedly compared to the traditional piggyback fight.
He Xiongkui also repeatedly stressed that the drone is not to replace the ground self-propelled plant protection machinery, but to replace the original manual knapsack spray. The plant protection drone was included in the subsidy pilot, and the last benefit was the hard-working farmers.

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