What do you need to pay attention to during the break-in period?

[SUV China Network] Now that there are more and more vehicles on the road and more and more new cars are being purchased, besides buying various accessories for cars when buying a new car, don’t forget to pay attention to the running-in period of new cars because, This has an impact on the future driving life and fuel consumption of the vehicle. This is because all parts of the vehicle need to be adapted after the assembly is completed. Therefore, the new vehicle is very important during the running-in period. So what issues do you need to pay attention to during the run-in period?

1. The running-in period of a new car is generally about 3,000 kilometers. Depending on the vehicle, the running-in period may be relatively long or short. During this period, it is best not to overload the vehicle. Do not place more than 70%-80% of the rated load in the vehicle. If the vehicle is overloaded, it will cause damage to the components in the vehicle.

2. Try not to drive long distances during the running-in period of the new car. Keep the speed as fast as possible within 100 km/h. Do not drive too fast. The engine's continuous working time or running speed will also cause the wear of the mechanical parts and affect the vehicle's performance. Travel life.

3. About starting hot car, it is recommended that within 1 minute, if the hot car is too long, it will cause carbon deposition due to insufficient combustion.

4. As far as possible to go to the regular gas station fuel, do not covet small cheap to some of the lower private gas stations, at the same time, according to the label on the instructions for fuel; in addition to parking as far as possible on the ground, must not stop at a steep slope or A high and low road, because such parking will affect the dynamic balance of the vehicle.

5. During the break-in period, remember to change the oil indiscriminately. The new car is delivered with a special lubricant for the running-in period, which can make the friction surface well lubricated and slow down the wear of the machine. Therefore, it is best to replace it according to the manufacturer's recommendations!

6. Many new owners will have such misunderstandings and feel that the new car does not need to be maintained. In fact, the maintenance of the new car is more important. If the new car is not maintained in time, the service life of the car will be greatly shortened, and the life of the engine is also reduced. It will be shortened, leading directly to slower speeds, greater engine noise, and increased fuel consumption.

7. During the running-in period of the new car, if the car is well-grounded, fuel consumption can be greatly reduced in the future. Therefore, we must also master several techniques to reduce fuel consumption. For example, we must appropriately increase or decrease the tire pressure according to the changes in the weather. The tires with broken lines should be more fuel-efficient. When driving, we must choose the appropriate speed. We must regularly maintain the engine and try to choose a flat one. Road traffic and so on.

For new car owners, mentioning their car is a happy but headache, too little understanding of the car, or mistakes in driving skills will cause the car to wear out, so as a novice, run-in period It is of vital importance that directly affects the quality of the car in the future. If there is uncertainty about the running-in period, you can also learn from this article.

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