Ningbo Zhizhuang added "a weapon", the first automatic drilling and riveting device in China opened the veil

Recently, it was learned from the Ningbo Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the intelligent manufacturing and equipment team of the institute successfully developed the first fully automatic drilling and riveting device in China. At present, the fully automatic drilling and riveting device has applied for two patents, and at the same time, as a key equipment in the "thermoplastic carbon fiber composite material - green manufacturing", it has won the silver medal of "China Good Design" in the strategic alliance of China's innovative design industry.

“Riveting refers to the non-detachable connection of two or more riveted parts by rivets. It is a common type of component connection in the industry. It is widely used in electronics, automobile manufacturing and modification, electrical appliances, instrumentation and machinery manufacturing industries. "The relevant person in charge of the composite intelligent manufacturing and equipment team of the Advanced Manufacturing Institute of Ningbo Institute of Materials Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences said.

At present, the common riveting devices on the market are mainly traditional riveting and semi-automatic riveting, and the working efficiency is low. “Although a few foreign companies have developed fully automatic riveting devices, they have problems in terms of high operating conditions, limited flexibility and high prices.” The person in charge said that the riveting devices on the market today generally require other drilling devices. After the hole is finished, the riveting device is used for riveting, which directly reduces the working efficiency, and the connection effect is not satisfactory.

In response to the "short board" of the above-mentioned similar products, the Ningbo Institute of Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences docked the market demand, focusing on the development of a fully automatic drilling and riveting device integrating drilling and riveting functions. “The overall size of the device is small, the cost is low, and the operation is convenient. It is equipped with an intelligent human-computer interaction system. Through one-button operation, it can automatically realize drilling, dust removal, feeding, riveting, riveting, and riveting core collection. Work.” The person in charge said that the riveting speed of the device can reach 24 per minute, and there is no dust pollution during operation, which has extremely high market application value.

It is understood that because of the movable operating platform design, the device's rivet gun body can be installed at the end of the industrial robot, or can be used separately. “The device can be used not only for the riveting of ordinary metals, but also for the connection of products such as carbon fiber composite materials with high requirements for drilling and riveting.” The person in charge said that the device can effectively prevent the composite parts from being partially partially drilled. The generation of cracks and delaminations can be applied to the assembly of carbon fiber composites for new energy vehicles, which is of great significance for promoting the industrialization of carbon fiber composites in China.

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