Safety is no small matter Chemical liquid transport vehicles have professional operation to be more assured

Chemical liquid transport vehicles belong to the category of hazardous chemical transport vehicles. They have a high risk factor during the transportation of dangerous chemicals, and they are higher for vehicles, drivers, maintenance workers, etc. in the process of operation, maintenance and maintenance. Professional technical requirements. Let's take everyone with you today to understand the issues that need attention in the use of chemical liquid transport vehicles :

Drivers and escorts need to understand chemical

Chemical liquid transport vehicle drivers and escorts must first undergo professional training and obtain dangerous goods transport business qualification certificate, escort transport permit. To learn a certain degree of chemical knowledge, to be familiar with the physicochemical properties, hazardous characteristics, and precautions of the goods to be carried, such as the proportion of cargo, flash point, toxicity, and expansion coefficient, etc., to become a half-hearted connoisseur. When driving out, bring along the driver's license, transportation permit, business qualification certificate, escort transport permit and driving permit, vehicle inspection certificate, road maintenance fee certificate and container safety inspection qualification report, etc. for inspection.

Vehicle safety status to be qualified

Prior to departure, the safety technology status of the chemical liquid transport vehicle must be carefully checked and the hidden trouble must be eliminated immediately after the failure. Special attention should be paid to checking the safety performance of the container. Check whether the safety devices such as the level gauge, pressure gauge, valve, thermometer, emergency shut-off valve, and static-control device are safe and reliable from site to site, and prevent running, running, dripping or leaking. Occurrence, failure is not disposed of, do not carry on the road. To keep the cab clean, there must be no fire appliances, such as lighters, matches, gasoline and other inflammable and explosive materials.

Be careful when loading cargo

The loading of goods requires professionals to supervise and verify on site. The goods must be stacked neatly, close to each other, flat and firm, evenly balanced and easy to count. All kinds of dangerous chemicals can not be mixed, to achieve a car and a cargo. When carrying flammable and explosive materials, the exhaust pipe of the chemical liquid transport vehicle must wear a fireproof cover, and the barrels of barrels of dangerous goods should use woven bags to fill the gap. When containers are filled with liquids, the expansion volume should not be less than 5% of the total capacity. When loading toxic and hazardous goods, stand upwind. It is even more important to note that any chemicals that are loaded must be covered with tarpaulins so as to prevent the accidental fall of cigarette butts when the cars are in transit.

Prepare for emergency response

The number of emergency on-board fire-fighting equipment should also be checked to see if it is effective. Carry tools that do not catch fire, professional plugging equipment, labor protection articles, and wear nail shoes and chemical fiber clothing. The chemical liquid transport vehicle escort shall carry the accident technical disposal plan (including hazardous characteristics, disposal measures, fire-fighting disposal measures) for the possession of the cargo, the product manufacturer's contact telephone number, and the alarm telephones for traffic accidents, public security, fire prevention, rescue, and environmental protection.

Keeping a steady check during driving

During the driving, it is necessary to use as few emergency brakes as possible, slowly cross over the pits, and avoid bumpy road sections as much as possible to maintain the stability of the goods and ensure the safety of driving. Always get off the bus to check for leaks and damaged packaging.

These precautions must be kept in mind when operating chemical liquid transport vehicles . A cautious attitude, strong technical expertise can prevent accidents, and safety is no small matter.

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