· Harbin second-hand car acquisition and sales specifications will be implemented from February 1

The acquisition and sales specifications for used cars in Harbin have been officially released recently and will be implemented on February 1. The specification aims to provide customers with sufficient right to know the condition of second-hand vehicles, to create a fair and just second-hand car consumption environment, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, and to promote the healthy development of the automobile market.
The regulations stipulate the delivery procedures, delivery service, service quality supervision and complaints of used car transactions. The specification is clear, the area of ​​the second-hand car acquisition and sales organization is not less than 200 m2; there are at least 2 second-hand car appraisers and appraisers with more than two years of experience and intermediate qualifications (including intermediate level). The used car acquisition and sales organization shall have the ownership or disposition of the vehicle for sale. The vehicles sold shall be clearly marked and the vehicle information shall be true and clear. The specification requires that the service quality of second-hand car sales organizations should be consciously accepted by the society and relevant departments. Timely acceptance and proper handling of customer complaints to protect consumer rights. When the customer and the sales organization have a dispute over the quality of the automobile product, the sales organization and the customer can negotiate the settlement, and can also appeal to the consumer association, the three-package appeal processing center of the family car product, the arbitration committee and other relevant departments.

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