National high-altitude vehicle operation procedures and precautions

Aerial license to the problem should be all Aerial user after buying the car the most concern, however, because for the vast majority of users will not know their own local policies, coupled with no contact before aerial vehicles With regard to the issue of licensing, this will make everybody difficult: how do the aerial vehicles get on the license? What kind of information does the license plate need to provide? What issues need attention when licensing? These will trouble everyone, Xiao Bian put together the relevant information for everyone to simply express it:

First, the Aerial licensing process

After the manufacturers hand over the aerial vehicles to the users, the users should first go to the State Tax Bureau to apply for the vehicle purchase tax. Here, you need to remind everyone that general aerial vehicles will be exempted from announcements (subject to the actual purchase of models). Save the cost of purchase tax, so that the IRS will issue exemption procedures, then go to the formal insurance company to purchase auto insurance, and finally bring the relevant certification procedures to the vehicle management office to apply for listing procedures.

Second, the information required for the license plate on the aerial vehicle

After arriving at the vehicle management office, the user should first obtain the “Registration/Transmission Application Form for Motor Vehicles”, fill in the complete form as required, and then return the “Resident ID Card” and a copy or “resident residence booklet”, if The unit is required to provide the "organizational code certificate"), value-added tax votes, high-altitude vehicle complete vehicle certificate and the purchase of motor vehicle sales tickets (second and fourth), special vehicle inspection reports and insurance and other formalities Staff can handle it.

Third, aerial vehicles on the card Notes

1. The vehicle's entire vehicle size and total mass must be in strict accordance with the announcement parameters. Many places will have stricter inspections when they are on the home, and are particularly strict on the length and height of the vehicle, and should be strictly controlled before the vehicle leaves the factory. Confirm that the vehicle meets the announcement parameters.

2. It is necessary to clarify the exhaust emission standards for vehicles that are required in the cities of the households in the city. Currently, the national IV emission standards in most cities can still be on the market, but the first-line, coastal and other places all require the national five emission standards before they can be listed. If the emission standards are not Up to standard, will not be able to go directly to the license. (The actual emission standards in each place shall be based on the local vehicle management authority)

3. Some manufacturers will also provide licenses for the service of the license plate. The licensed vehicle is on the license plate. The annual inspection may entrust the aerial vehicle manufacturer to conduct the annual inspection. The user only needs relevant information for the annual audit of the vehicle. Just mail it.

Having said so much, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the issues related to license plates on aerial vehicles. At the end of the sentence, the user must choose a regular high-altitude truck manufacturer when purchasing a car, so that the service is more advantageous and the after-sale service is more effective. Guarantee, car will be more assured!

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