Cummins and Blue Extreme CP

He did one thing for a whole hundred years. Under the hood of countless diesel engines, he had his ingenuity, the most delicate lubrication, and the most reliable protection. Every product with a touch of blue printed on it is devoted to his professional work. The shining silver ring and the pride of the heritage passed down by several generations of craftsmen. He is the Blue Master.
Blue Extreme lubricant Blue Extreme lubricant

She is a leader in diesel engines. Whether it is construction machinery or mining equipment, whether it is a medium- and light-duty commercial vehicle, or a generating unit, she has been cultivating innovations for nearly a hundred years. She is the heart of their bright red power and is Cummins .

Cummins Engine Cummins Engine

This is the blue and this piece of red, more than twenty years of wing, became the most conscientious partner.

Cummins said that he had to do an engine with a long maintenance cycle, so Blue Extreme customized the 100,000-kilometer oil change cycle leading technology. The smoothness and heart of each driver is their consistent goal.

Cummins said that he is aiming to lead the green driving force, so Blue Extreme develops low-viscosity, low-emission, high-fuel-economy formulas. Every time they start, they have high energy and low consumption. They are constantly pursuing.

Cummings said that he hopes that Kang's "core" vehicle is the most durable. Therefore, Blue Extreme has built a reliable oil product that is not overhauled for 500,000 kilometers. Each vehicle is safe and they escort side by side.

Engine Parts are the core aftermarket parts for overhauling the equipments. From the piston set, gasket kit, head gasket, intake and exhaust valve, bearings, thrust washer, con-rod bush and parts for fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, starting system, all of the parts can be offered by us. While your machines get broken or stoped to work, the most possible problem should occur on the engine, and except for the obligatory repair, the regular maintenance is also necerssary. So the filters are sold by us popularly. 

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