Method for installing nitrogen determination glass device

Nitrogen determination instrument is a very common detection instrument, but although its application is very extensive, but there are still many people who do not understand the installation of the definite nitrogen analyzer glass device, then let us know how to install the nitrogen determination instrument glass device. .

Nitrogen determination instrument

1, first select three solid iron stand, three iron clips.
2, install the reaction tube. Take one iron frame and one iron clamp, fasten the iron clamp on the iron frame, loosen the clamp, clamp the upper part of the reaction tube on the iron clamp, and its height and inclination should be appropriate.
3, install the condenser. Take another iron frame and iron clamp, fasten the iron clamp on the iron frame, loosen the clamp, and clamp the middle of the condensation tube on the iron clamp so that the inclination is parallel to the elbow of the air guide end of the reaction tube. Carefully move to the lower end of the elbow. After loosening the iron clamp slightly, move up the condensing pipe and seal it with the reaction tube. Adjust the iron stand to the appropriate position and clamp the iron clamp.
4, install the steam generator. Then take a metal frame and a iron clamp, fasten the iron clamp on the iron frame, loosen the clamp, and clamp the steam to the neck of the clamp. The steam inlet pipe is connected with the inlet pipe of the reaction tube.
5. Open all the clips. Remove the grinding plug from the sample inlet, add 50 mL of distilled water from the sample inlet, and plug it back in again. Connect condensate to condensate.
6. Add distilled water to the two-thirds of the volume of the steam bottle, add a few grains of zeolite and 4 drops of methyl orange, add 3 mL of concentrated sulfuric acid, and then place on a hot plate to heat and boil the water.
7. After the steam is generated, clamp 1 and let the steam enter the jacket of the reaction tube through the conduit. After the steam is discharged from the waste liquid discharge port, clip 3 is inserted to allow the steam to enter the reaction tube and be distilled and washed for 10 minutes. Open the clamp 1 and clamp the clamp 2 at the same time. After all the water in the reaction tube is discharged into the jacket, open the clamp 3 and discharge the waste water. Immediately add about 20 mL of distilled water from the injection port, and then immediately clamp the clamp 3 until the water is discharged. Repeat the operation 3 times and the washing is completed.
8. Open all the clips and stop heating. After cooling, remove the device and clean it in the reverse order of installation.
The above is an introduction to the detailed installation steps of the definitive nitrogen analyzer glass device. Hopefully, it will help you in practical work.

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