Factors affecting sweeper brush wear

During the use of the environmental sweeper , the wear of the worn body of the sweeper compared to the sweeper can be said to be very small. The degree of wear of the sweeper directly affects the use cost of the sweeper. The following Xiao Bian analyzes what are the factors affecting sweeper brush wear. Only better understanding of the causes of sweeper wear can better reduce the cost of wear control.

The materials used in sweeper sweeper: sweeper brush sweepers use steel sweeper, nylon sweeper brush and plastic sweeper brush3. Everyone thinks that adding sweeper can improve sweeper. Hardness, increased hardness can reduce wear. In fact, this is not the case. A good brush has an optimum balance of hardness and flexibility. This ensures that the precision of the machining also reduces the amount of wear during use. Road sweeper owners should choose high-end sweep brush, high-end sweep brush is more durable, more durable, better wear resistance, and the price is always suitable for road car users.

Sweeping brush grounding pressure: The grounding pressure causes the sweeping brush to wear. If we can control the sweeping brush grounding pressure to the minimum required for cleaning work, it will not only make the sweeping vehicle have good The cleaning effect, but also can effectively reduce the brush wear.

Road sweeper speed and sweeping speed: Of course, the speed also has a certain impact on sweeper brush wear. When the sweeper sweeping operation, the sweeping speed and the sweeping speed are determined according to the road surface cleaning conditions, so It is difficult to achieve the goal of reducing brushing damage by reducing the speed of the squeegee or the cleaning speed. Only by designing the rotating speed of the squeegee as stepless, the sweeping speed of the sweeping vehicle can be well matched with the sweeping speed according to the road surface cleaning, so as to achieve the best sweeping effect while minimizing the wear.

Road surface condition of sweeping roads : The use of sweeping vehicles can be extensive, and it can be widely used in the cleaning of main roads, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, and parks. Different pavements have different influences on sweeping. (Wen/Jun Xun)

JIEDA thick film heating body consists of stainless steel thick-film heating pipe, outer protective shell, water inlet and outlet joints, anti-dry thermostat, power cord, etc. It can be fixed on sides, with φ10 φ16 G1/2 diameter connecting orifice.

 temperature controll heating element

This type of heating body is an intelligent temperature control thick film heating body. It can work with the PCB circuit control system, so that the pre-set temperature and hot water quantity can be decided. 

Thick Film Heating Element Assemble is made up by Stainless Steel Tube Thick Film Heater, plastic shield, interface connectors, thermostats, NTC Sensor, wire leads etc.

spare parts of temperature control heater

Thick film heating elements have been widely applied in many fields. Currently it has been used in household drinking water electric products, such as instant water dispenser, instant water heater, electric faucet, pipeline machine, under sink instant water flow heater, coffee machine, sous vide circulate cooker ,as well as business field like circulating heating of swimming pool water, industrial equipments etc.

Application of thick film heater

Temperature Controlled Electric Heater

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