What is a light semi-trailer and how to make the semi-trailer lighter


The light semi-trailer is a semi-trailer lighter than the average car, so the lighter one is the lighter one. The definition in the industry is the same as the ordinary semi-trailer. The load is quite, the size is quite, and the lighter than 15% is defined as the light type. Semi-trailer. With the implementation of the “Regulations on the Protection of Highway Safety” and the continuous increase in overloading throughout the country, overloads and heavy-duty semi-trailers gradually became “cold,” and light semi-trailers were increasingly sought after by the market.

Light semi-trailer advantages

1. Light weight: With the increase of national governance overload and the implementation of weight-based charging policies, heavy-duty semi-trailers have not adapted to market demand. Lightweight semi-trailers adopt new lightweight materials, combine their own characteristics, rationally improve the structure, and design The light semi-trailer is lighter than the average domestic semi-trailer by more than one ton. If the body weight is reduced by one ton, users can pull one ton of goods and earn one ton more.

2. Multi-pull goods: The light semi-trailer uses high-strength manganese steel encryption design, import Swedish high-strength light steel, stringer, edge beam and key parts of the material using low-alloy high-strength steel with domestic advanced technical standards, so that semi-trailer bottom The force and bearing of the frame are basically balanced. The tensile strength and yield strength of the material are 2 times of that of 16Mn, and the weldability is good and the welding toughness is good, which meets the requirements for steel reduction and strength increase.


How to lighten the semi-trailer

There are several points for semi-trailer to achieve:

1. Reduce the thickness of the sheet. This point can be marked with high steel. High-standard steel, high strength, good toughness, fatigue resistance

2. Reduce the rear axle weight. Axles and suspensions are now approaching two tons. Lightweight bridges, disc brakes, four leaf springs, new lugs, vacuum tires, single tires, etc. are all effective solutions.

3. Change the suspension. With airbag suspension, this application is less

4. Reduce the weight of accessories. Reduce the weight of bumpers, side guard nets, mesh spare wheel carriers, tool boxes, tarpaulin frames, etc.

5. There is a suspension rear axle, that is, everyone knows that the last bridge can be improved when not in use.

Lightening the semi-trailer now generally depends on the steel material. High-strength steel will make the trailer lighter. The high-strength steel semi-trailer is lighter than the ordinary carbon steel light semi-trailer. Compared with traditional semi-trailers, light semi-trailers can improve the overall economic benefits of road transport. The transportation efficiency can be increased by 30-50%, the cost can be reduced by 30-40%, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 20-30%.

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