·6 tire companies won product design awards

A few days ago, the results of the Good Design Award were released.
A total of six tire manufacturers from around the world have won awards for their products, including summer and winter tires, green tires, sports tires, and luxury car tires.
Bridgestone's award-winning products are REGNO GR-Leggera premium tires designed for light vehicles.
The winning product of Hankook Tire is a winter tire i*cept iZ2. Previously, this tire won the 2016 German Red Dot Design Award.
Kumho Tire's award-winning products are eco-friendly tires Eco Sense SE11 and Shulechi Solus HA31 all-weather tires.
The award-winning Nexans tire is the green tire N'blue HD PLUS.
Michelin (Japan)'s award-winning product is the Pilot Sport 4 tire designed for luxury cars and sports cars.
The winners of Tongio tires are the Tranpath ML and Open Country R/T tires, the former being mid-range MPV tires and the latter being SUV tires.
It is understood that the Good Design Award, sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Association, has a history of 45 years and is the most authoritative design award in Asia.
This award mainly emphasizes the innovation and breakthrough of consumer experience and product convenience, that is, the product needs to have double guarantee in design and quality.

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