note! The operation of the Zoomlion sprinkler

When working in the sprinkler, China United Sprinklers must operate according to the vehicle's operating rules and cannot follow the experience. Otherwise, there will be breakdowns and damage to the Zhongshan sprinkler. Therefore, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before operating the sprinkler. The special features of the Zoomlion sprinkler operation:


1. Power take-off control

Start the engine. When the whole machine reaches the starting state, the shift lever is set to the neutral position (there is no such operation during driving). Depress the clutch air control handle to pull it out. The power take-off is sufficient to push the sleeve to engage the power takeoff device with the gearbox. Status (manual power take-off will pull the joystick back). After about 10 seconds after pulling out the handle, make sure the power take-off and the gearbox are fully engaged. Then slowly release the clutch pedal. The engine idles or slowly accelerates the pump to the rated speed and the pump works normally. After the work is completed, depress the clutch pedal and push the power take-off control handle (or the front lever of the manual power take-off pusher) to loosen the clutch plate later (approximately 10 seconds) to separate the power take-off from the gearbox. End the job.


A: It is forbidden to pull out the power take-off control handle when the storage pressure is insufficient (starting pressure), otherwise the gear box and power take-off may be damaged because the power take-off and the gear box are not fully engaged.

B: After pulling out or advancing the power take-off control handle, it is necessary to wait for about 10 seconds before releasing the clutch cover to ensure that the power take-off and the gearbox are fully engaged or separated, otherwise the gearbox and power take-off will be damaged. .

C: When spraying or using an anti-aircraft gun, be sure to open one of the ball valves before or after the blasting. Otherwise, the pipes, pumps and gaskets will be damaged due to excessive pressure.

2. Control of air-operated switch

The air-operated switch is used to take air through the air reservoir of a vehicle, and mainly controls the power take-off device (pneumatic) and the ball valves of each pipeline. Each control handle shall be labeled with the label under the handle. The handle advances in a disengaged (closed) state and the handle is pulled out in the engaged (open) state.

3, music control

The water dispenser of the Zoomlion sprinkler is intended to alert pedestrians when performing sprinkler operations. Therefore, the musical instrument should be turned on before starting work. The musical instrument switch is arranged on the left side of the cab and is a single-position switch. Pull the switch to turn the instrument on, and press it again to turn the instrument off.

The above are a few minor operational issues that need to be taken into account when working with the Zoomlion sprinkler. It is hoped that the master of the sprinkler must be cautious while driving.

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