7 seats business car which is better

With the opening of the country to population policies, many families are no longer a simple family of three. Therefore, small commercial vehicles can no longer meet the travel needs of the current family. Under the drive of this policy market, 7 The seat business car has become a must-have model for the current family. Today, we will take a look at the 7-seater commercial vehicle which is better.


A car with a better market now is the Buick GL8. This car is now a model of a commercial vehicle . Why is it possible to surpass so many brands and models and become a model in the best of all, besides its stable appearance? , And its front part, a large area of ​​chrome straight waterfall inlet grille is also inseparable.

As a product that was born in response to the needs of the new era, the Buick GL8 not only continued the traditional Facebook design of the Buick, but also combined with modern fashion elements to enhance the overall grade of the car. Although the design of the car in the rear part of the car has no characteristics, but this mediocre vision can give the public a thick, safe visual experience.

In terms of internal structure, it has to be said that Buick GL8 has a great advantage. The design of the center console, which is shallow and deep, allows people to have a visual experience of family and sports at the same time. And in the center console to reach out, can touch the place with burgundy imitation leather material wrapped up, this exquisite workmanship, with chrome-plated air conditioning outlet, really create a sense of a very high grade.


The non-independent rear suspension is selected in the rear row of the vehicle. This design adds a very large space to the rear row. The last row of three seats can have ample room for the three strong men even if they are accommodated. In addition, when choosing the material, this Buick seat chooses a material that is similar to the comfortableness of the sofa in the home, so it can make people feel different comfort.

The price of this Buick GL8 is very cheap, only 200,000 -400,000 will be able to buy home, although it and the Mercedes-Benz series of seven-seat commercial vehicles still a big gap, but for the average family, it does Is a perfect choice

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