Agricultural machinery cooperatives need to update their business model

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Corn is the main crop harvested in the autumn season. For agricultural machinery cooperatives, corn is one of the main sources of income for cooperatives. However, this year is different from previous years in that it is affected by the Ministry of Agriculture's policy of adjusting the corn planting area of ​​the sickle and grain and feeding, and the planting area of ​​the main corn growing areas in the country has decreased. At the same time, the purchase price of corn is also lower than in previous years. Therefore, in the face of many unfavorable factors, re-planning the business model has become an urgent problem for many cooperatives.
Agricultural machinery cooperatives need to update their business model

Complementary plates to create a three-dimensional cycle industry chain
"This year's cooperative is still very good." Xue Yaohui, chairman of the Wanxin Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, said to reporters with a smile. Jilin Province is China's main corn growing area. Due to the fertile soil and long corn growth cycle, the quality of the produced corn is very good. Despite this, this year, the local corn planting area has also decreased. “That is our cooperative, a total of 720 hectares of land, all the corn planted last year, and this year, only 620 hectares of corn were planted, and the remaining land was planted with soybeans. And the potato.” Xue Yaohui said, “The purchase price of corn this year is about 5.6 cents per catty, which is about 2 cents lower than last year.” Under such circumstances, why did Xue Yaohui say that the cooperative is quite good this year?
It turned out that Xue Yaohui found another way out for the cooperative - corn deep processing. According to Xue Yaohui, the corn in Gongzhuling area is suitable for grain harvesting. They will classify the harvested corn. The bulk density is above 720 for first-class grain and below 720 for second-class grain. The second grain will be sent to the starch plant, while the first grain will be processed in the cooperative's own corn processing plant. "In processing this piece, we are divided into rough processing and fine processing. Roughing is to make corn into corn glutinous rice. It can buy about 1.5 yuan per kilogram. Although it is more expensive than corn, it is not value-added." Xue Yaohui said, "We are about to start the fine processing of corn. The processing of corn glutinous rice into corn noodles, corn vegetarian rice, corn high-gluten flour and other products can be sold for about 7 yuan per catty. This benefit has been significantly improved. It is understood that in September this year, Wanxin Agricultural Machinery Cooperative has just applied for the “Xindi Grain Garden” brand as a registered trademark of corn fine processing products. In addition, the cooperative will also launch an edible oil production line, so that the soybeans planted by the cooperative will have high value-added places.
At present, the main business projects of Wanxin Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. are divided into several sectors, such as agricultural machinery service, grain storage and storage, grain processing, straw feed, and dairy farming. In Xue Yaohui's view, these plates complement each other, they are like It is a few wheels of the cooperative, and it is indispensable. "For example, our cooperative service has hosted 8,000 hectares of land this year. In addition, the cooperative has built a 300-ton drying tower. The existing grain storage center is expected to store 78,000 tons of grain. The straw feed is mainly divided into two kinds of silage and yellow silage. The silage is mainly sweet corn and waxy corn. These two varieties mature early. After the corn is harvested, the straw can be made into silage. After the harvest of autumn corn, the straw can be harvested. The yellow feed is made into a feed supply cooperative to develop the aquaculture industry. The cooperative project has formed a complete three-dimensional industrial chain.” Xue Yaohui said, “At present, the annual output value of our cooperative is about 120 million yuan. The profit is between 15% and 20%." It is with such a complete agricultural production system that Wanxin Co., Ltd. holds in the corn market. In the case of continued low, it is still prosperous.
Continuously expand the project with the focus on straw treatment
In addition to the northeast region, Shaanxi is also the main production area for corn in China. The decline in corn purchase price also has a certain impact on this. “We have a lot of small plots here to plant only one season of wheat, and then the farmers have left the land idle.” Wang Jiuli, director of the Limin Straw Mechanization Processing and Utilization Cooperative of Chencang District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, told reporters. Mechanized processing of straw is the main business of Limin Cooperative. The straw they process includes corn stover and wheat straw. However, the reduction of local corn planting area has not affected the income of Limin Cooperative. "This year's three autumns began on September 5, and today it has been more than 20 days, and it ended on October 10. About the current situation, it is expected that the total amount of straw handled by our cooperatives this year will be one-third more than last year. Wang Jiuli said frankly.
The area planted with corn has decreased, and the amount of straw processed has increased. This seems to be unlikely, but the Limin Cooperative has indeed done so. “In previous years, many farmers around the land collected the corn stalks in the fields and sent them to the dairy farms. However, this year, in order to ensure the quality of the feed, the dairy farms no longer receive the corn stalks sent by the retail investors. Our cooperative also signed a contract with the dairy farms. Therefore, this year our straw processing capacity will not decrease and increase." Wang Jiuli explained. As the chairman of the cooperative, Wang Jiuli pays great attention to the brand benefits. He signed a unified straw purchase contract with Nofiboer in the morning, and then carried out regional unified distribution and integration of straw resources, which improved the purchase price of straw and won the surrounding area. The trust of the villagers, everyone is also very confident to hand over the straw to the Limin cooperatives. “The cost of harvesting straw for farmers is 100 yuan per mu. This year’s Sanqiu cooperative is estimated to be able to handle 3,500 mu of corn stalks, which is nearly 10,000 tons.” Speaking of this year’s earnings, Wang Jiuli estimates, “due to the development of the business, our cooperatives This year, we purchased a total of 9 tractors of 135 horsepower and 140 horsepower. While developing the mechanization of straw, the cooperative has undertaken the local deep pine task for three consecutive years, and the area of ​​deep pine has reached 50,000 mu.” In recent years, Limin Cooperative also Actively cooperate with the agricultural machinery department, strive for contractual work projects such as conservation tillage and comprehensive utilization of straw, and continuously enrich their own business projects. Therefore, even if the corn planting area is reduced, for the Limin cooperatives, Sanqiu is still busy and fulfilling. of.
Undertake demonstration projects to allow cooperatives to “drought and dry”
When the reporter contacted Wang Shui, the chairman of the Hengtong Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative in Zouping County, Shandong Province, he was leading the cooperative operator to carry out the land loosening operation in the ground. Busy, he didn't even have time to say that he had to re-enter the work. According to Wang Shui, this year, in the autumn of this year, the cooperative still went to Henan, Hebei, and other parts of Shandong to carry out cross-regional corn harvesting. The operating area is about 80,000 mu, which is indeed less than that of previous years. “This year, the cooperative also managed 8,000 mu of corn. However, due to the impact of the climate, corn pollination has been raining for a few days, so this year's corn production is not too good." Wang Shui said. In view of this, the income of the Hengtong Agricultural Machinery Cooperative this year seems to be a big shock, but this is not the case.
“Our cooperatives have undertaken the whole process of mechanized operation demonstration projects in the county this year, including 32,000 mu of mechanized harvest, 18,000 mu of deep pine operation, and 15,000 mu of straw returning. These projects ensure the cooperative's work in the Sanqiu period. "Wang Shui introduced. With the advantages of its own equipment and excellent service, Hengtong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. undertakes the government's projects. On the one hand, it can help the local promotion of agricultural machinery technology and play a leading role in demonstration. On the other hand, it also ensures that cooperatives can “drink and cure” and move forward. .
Beginning in 2015, Hengtong Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative seized the opportunity of continuous social bidding for agricultural machinery social service and agricultural machinery, and purchased more than 20 sets of four-wheel drive tractors and subsoilers of 130 horsepower and more than 10 sets of self-propelled corn harvesters. The scope of the socialized service of agricultural machinery and the scope of services have been continuously expanded, and the contract amount has continued to increase.
(Original title: Corn area reduced by these cooperatives did not decrease)

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