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Wireless bridges are currently in the leading position in the security industry. The use of wireless bridges currently accounts for 90% of the wireless monitoring market. The more applications are used, the more problems there will be. There will be customer issues in our project debugging wireless bridge crashes do not work.

When the wireless bridge does not work, we first check whether the wireless bridge power supply is normal and whether it can enter the wireless bridge system. If the power supply is normal and it can enter the wireless bridge system, it must be caused by an increase in the number of error packets causing port congestion. In this case, we only need to enable the PingWatchdog function of the wireless bridge's open-door function.

The function of the PingWatchdog open dog is to prevent crashes. Two or more devices that communicate with each other periodically ping the IP address of the other device. If there is a failure to ping through the device for a long time or multiple times, the local device automatically restarts. When the two ping IP bridges set the ping interval, start delay, and number of retries, the recommended values ​​are multiples.

AutoReboot: Automatic restart feature, you can choose AnHour, the device will automatically restart once after the set time. The Antime device automatically restarts every day at the set time.

The wireless bridge produced by our company has the function of PingWatchdog open dog and AutoReboot automatic restart. In case of crash, we can set these two parameters to solve the problem without manual solution.

Nowadays, Shenzhen Haishunbo Industrial Wireless Bridge has been leading the world. Wireless bridges have three operating modes, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and trunk connections. Especially suitable for long-distance communication in the city. In the long-distance wireless video transmission environment to ensure stable signal communications.

Air Ride Compressor for BMW 5 Series E61 X5 E70 X6 E70 E71 Air Bag Suspension Pump


Quick Details:


Description: Air Ride Compressor for BMW 5 Series E61 X5 E70 X6 E70 E71 Air Bag Suspension Pump 

Model: For BMW X5 E70 X6 E71 E72 5 Series E61 37206789938 37226775479 37226785506 


OEM: 37206789938 37226775479 37226785506


Other Part Number: BMW Air Suspension Compressor, Air Suspension Pump for BMW X5 X6, Compressor Air Suspension, Air Compressor for BMW Air Suspension, BMW X5 X6 Air Spring Compressor


Condition: Genuine Remanufactured


Material: Rubber Steel Aluminum


Application:  For BMW X5 E70 X6 E71 E72 5 Series E61


Warranty: 14 months


Delivery: 3-7 days after receiving payment


Gross Weight: 6kg

Product Description

Item Auto parts Air Suspension Compressor
Application   For BMW 5 + 7 Series AND X5 E53 E39 E65 
Warranty   12 months 
OEM 37226787616/4154031000/37 22 6 778 773/37226778773
Brand   Jovoll
Payment term Paypal ,T/T, Western union ,Money Gram ,L/C ,D/P ,Cash 
Pacakage Exporting standard packed
Delivery time Within 3  days after confirming payment
Shipping DHL,UPS,FEDEX or as customers' requirements.
Main market European countries , Middle-east ,East south Asian , American and some in African    

Air Compressor For BMW

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