Special drying equipment for soybean meal (new type flash drying)

Changzhou Giants Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of drying equipment. It is a professional enterprise integrating research, design, production, service and development of various types of drying equipment.
In order to effectively improve the drying efficiency and save energy, our company has further improved the traditional flash dryer. Through the drying test of a variety of materials and repeated use of the user's actual use, the design has produced a highly efficient flash evaporation. Dryer, so that the drying efficiency and drying quality has been significantly improved, and has been praised by the majority of users. High-efficiency classification flash dryer consists of air heating system, crushing system, feeding system, host drying classification system, gas-solid separation system, control system and fans. During work, the material enters the drying chamber through the screw feeder. In the drying chamber, it meets the hot air that rotates at a high speed. The fine powdery material is carried by the hot air toward the upper end of the drying chamber. The material that cannot be carried falls on the bottom of the drying chamber and is removed by the bottom. The smashing device breaks and the material is quickly dispersed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the product that reaches the degree of drying and a certain degree of fineness is blown out of the grading device, and the material is dried in the process.
1. The unique stepless speed-regulating and crushing device makes the material disperse more efficiently, accelerates the drying speed, and realizes the large-scale production of small equipment. Our company has improved the traditional smashing device. The contact degree between the smashing blade and the material is higher, the material is always in a fluidized state, and the sticking and sticking of the material are avoided. At the same time, the crusher blade can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material. Speed, effectively control the dispersion of the material. The water-cooled or oil-cooled system is installed in the bearing seat to prevent the bearing from overheating, and effective sealing measures are taken to prevent oil from leaking.
2. The jacket water cooling device is used in the high temperature zone to keep the inner wall temperature within a certain range and avoid coking of the material.
3. The installation of a grading control device allows the fineness of the product to be adjusted, effectively controlling the product's particle size and drying quality. The product does not need to be crushed. Because the coarser or more humid materials are subjected to larger centrifugal forces, the rotation radius is larger, and the smaller the radius of rotation of the materials that are smaller and reaches a certain degree of drying is relatively small, the grading device uses this feature to effectively control the granularity of the product. And the degree of drying makes the dried material powdery.
4, the feeding system stepless speed regulation, and has a special measure to prevent material bridging, so that the feed rate remains stable, to ensure the stability of the drying process.
5. High powder collection rate The powder collection system can be reasonably formulated according to the characteristics of the materials. Generally, high efficiency cyclone separator and pulsed bag dust collector are used in combination to prepare powder recovery rate of 99.5% or more. Special conditions can be used to prepare water foam dust removal devices to ensure compliance. Environmental requirements.
6, because the device is equipped with a grinding device, the new classification of flash dryer can dry more viscous materials, and because the drying time is shorter, it is also suitable for heat-sensitive materials. Applications: High-efficiency classification flash dryer is suitable for the drying of filter cakes, granules and pasty materials such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, rubber chemicals, dyes, pigments, and feeds.

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