Temperature control instrument maintenance points

In order to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the temperature control instrument, weinstr (monitor) reminded everyone that the use of the instrument should be checked from time to time, not only to ensure that errors and failures occur in production applications, but also to ensure temperature control The performance of the instrument, so the main points of maintenance of the temperature control instrument are as follows:
1. The heat conduction between the sensor and the measured medium should be good. It should be installed in a position where the true temperature of the measuring object can be correctly and timely displayed. For example, filling the high-temperature grease between the sensor and the measured work can significantly speed up the temperature sensing of the sensor. System adjustment quality will be significantly improved.
2. All the electrical connections of the temperature controller must be well-contacted. The input, output, and power lines of the instrument should not be exposed, so as to avoid conducting with other conductors. Of course, the use environment of the temperature controller should not be used in a corrosive gas environment.
3, temperature controller appears "LL" or "HH", the device does not heat, etc., should first detect the sensor is broken, short circuit or reverse connection. Check if the voltage of the power supply is normal and there is no strong magnetic field in the working environment.
4. The output light of the instrument indicates that the instrument has output. If no heat is found on the instrument, check if the heating equipment is wired correctly and check if the heating tube is normal. If these are all good, then it may be the problem of the instrument itself. Generally, the load that the instrument carries is short-circuited and it burns the small relay inside the instrument.
The use of temperature-controlled instruments is often checked to bring some benefits to R&D and production. We hope that the user will perform regular inspections in accordance with the above points.

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