The influence of carbon and silicon elements on steel and the main features of furnace carbon silicon analyzer

The influence of carbon and silicon elements on steel and the main features of furnace carbon silicon analyzer

In front of the furnace carbon silicon analyzer, also known as fast hot metal analyzer, carbon and silicon composition analyzer, carbon silicon equivalent instrument, thermal analyzer. In the production of cast iron parts, the appropriate chemical composition is selected according to the thickness of the casting and the casting conditions to ensure that the desired mechanical properties are achieved. When other conditions are the same, the carbon equivalent (C Si/3) has a decisive influence on the metallographic structure, casting properties and mechanical properties of cast iron.


Furnace carbon silicon analyzer customer test site

Carbon is one of the important elements in determining steel product specifications and quality. As the carbon content increases, the hardness and strength of the steel increase, and the toughness and plasticity decrease. On the contrary, when the carbon content decreases, the hardness and strength decrease, and the toughness and plasticity decrease. increase. Therefore, the analysis of carbon content in steel is of great significance and cannot be ignored.


Furnace carbon silicon analyzer customer test site

Silicon is brought into the steel smelting production process by raw materials (iron ore, scrap steel, deoxidizer, etc.), and silicon dissolves in α-Fe to form a solid solution, increasing the strength and hardness of the steel. Therefore, silicon is a beneficial element in steel and the content of silicon in steel is < 0.5%. However, in a hot-dip galvanizing plant that generally has a continuous annealing line with no oxidation furnace (NOF), the low-carbon steel (cold-rolled steel) used has a silicon composition of 0.03% max, which should not exceed 0.04% as much as possible. After the strip enters a zinc bath at about 460°C, it is impossible to obtain a good zinc state.

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What are the main features of carbon silicon analyzer?

QL-TS-6 intelligent hot metal carbon-silicon analyzer can not only quickly determine the content of conventional carbon silicon, but also can test strength, hardness, elongation rate, etc., compared with the traditional laboratory analysis methods, and effectively improve the work efficiency. And reduce the testing cost and time.

1. The built-in casting function database is suitable for the control of the front furnace elements of cast iron and ductile iron production. It can quickly determine the carbon and silicon content and carbon equivalent, and adjust the ingredients in time according to the determination results. Greatly improved the yield, reduced the time of molten iron in the furnace, ease the workload of the furnace workers.

2, conventional detection equipment from the molten iron to test the strength of the test rod, hardness and other data to about 12 hours, and intelligent analyzer built-in database can be measured directly from the molten iron tensile strength and hardness values. Normally, the tensile analyzer, hardness tester, silicon carbide tester, thermometer, lathe, and planer are combined to obtain the results of a single smart analyzer.

3. Measurable gray iron, ferrite, ductile iron, original iron in rheid iron: carbon equivalent CEL, carbon content C%, silicon content Si%, pouring temperature TM, liquidus temperature TL, solidus temperature TS. You can directly find the grade of the produced castings and the content range of each element. It is easy to check.


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